Alert Fiverr Sellers on Fiverr facebook fan page


Alert Fiverr sellers: There is a guy name James John on fiverr facebook page who is approaching people from this page(sellers) for projects on fiverr and hacking accounts.He will first ask your fiverr profile link and then he tries to fool around with his projects and asks whether you could help him and how much you will charge.He then says before placing an order on fiverr I need to verify you by your cell no on google.He then asks your email id and will change your password.This has happened to me yesterday.He changed all my gmail and fiverr account passwords.Stay alert his name is james john.I have lodge a report in fiverr support.Hope to get my account back.


Reply to @wordpress_star: oh okay. Why would you leave forever and you’re using this other account?


I dont care about money…I just need my account back…If i dont get my account back…I would have to leave fiverr forever


Yes,20 dollars were available to withdraw and intoday there were i guess 30 dollars.But i still think he cant withdraw that money because he cant change my fiverr paypal email address with my confirmation


Reply to @wordpress_star: I see you’ve been a member for 8 months, so I’m assuming you have more than one account. Idk, fiverr specifically says not to share personal information. I may have an issue with you violating their TOS by giving out your cell and/or email. Who knows though. Did you have any money pending or available for withdrawal?


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thanks for sharing that.Actually I am not that frquent member of fiverr forums.So i didnt came to know about that.But now i am so worried about my fiverr account.I had strived hard to build that account since 1 year.


WOw, have to be more cautious now :/. Good luck mate.


Will I get my account back?That hacker has changed my fiverr account email and password.I have reported that guy on fiverr.Still no reply from fiverr customer support.


This has happened to a few sellers in the past. I’m sorry it happened to you. Hopefully it’ll get resolved.


17 hours passed.Still no reply from fiverr support.Heights…m so annoyed now