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#Alert #Report #illegalsales

As an instructor on udemy this is illegal - Udemy HQ has been informed

He is downloading content and reselling it via fiverr!

Sheriff’s note: calling out other users is not allowed in this forum as clearly stated in Do’s & Dont’s.
If you want to report something not legal, please contact Customer Support.

You aren’t reaching anyone from Fiverr by posting this. You would need to contact Fiverr Customer Support. Posting here doesn’t mean anything.

You should, first and foremost, contact Customer Support. It’s the most direct way towards people who work for Fiverr and can actually make a change, terminate accounts, close gigs and the such.

#This #Isn’t #Twitter

In all seriousness, just report the problematic gig. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the seller has a plr license… who knows, maybe lena_ski knows it all