Recently i got email
I need help to promote my new gig.

I can do 2 orders from you and you do Only 1 order from me.

If interested we can do it now. I will start by making 2 orders so you can trust me.

No replies will be posted here. Please use the link to get in touch now:


Don’t even give it a try. Also, don’t contact anybody outside of fiverr. It would get your account banned. All you can do now is to report this thing.


Good advice!


ignore it, fiverr very easy for us to transact and sell :slight_smile:


Just Ignore it… No need to check this link or even reply him.this is just wastage of time. your time is so important let it go. :slight_smile:


The attachment has to be removed since it is a forum rule violation and might encourage activity that is against ToS as well. Do not attempt to participate in any forum of gig or review exchange. You are already taking a number of risks with your account and forum posting privileges with your general activity.