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ALERT 'username' may not be contacted at this time (What does it mean?)


Hi a client contacted me asking some information what i did is answer him in a short period of time. then this message appeared. I would like to know why and how about that notification…

See attachment


The user is probably banned.


Ok, thank you!

I just got a similar message.

I thought it was something that I had done wrong.

However, I do not think it means that the user was banned.

The same user was able to order a few minutes later, and I am currently working at the order.

Could it be a bug after all?

This is what happened to me earlier:

I do think it could be because I responded in a short period of time, and that Fiverr thinks that we are spamming someone because we are responding rapidly?

Does somebody out here know for sure? Should I contact CS?


Reply to @bachas85: Have CS confirmed this?

I just happen to see it with one of my regular Buyer who was suppose to place another order but suddenly I saw this alert…


Reply to @bachas85: Oh! I see… thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:


Same thing happened to me… i hope someone from the support can explain this.


It’s when the user marks your message as “spam” to block additional messages.


I am 100% sure that when you mark a message as spam the user gets the message "ALERT ‘username’ may not be contacted at this time."

The message may also be used for other things as well. I am not sure about those other situations. No doubt from experience and testing with other friends on Fiverr a spam flag will give this message to the other person. If you unflag the spam the user can message you again.


Reply to @motionlife: What was described in this old thread (mostly from 2014) is usually correct and the message is not normally an error. Your situation may be different, but if so, this thread does not fit. You can contact Customer Support if you continue to have issues.


I think fiverr should tell users, why we are getting this error and it really sucks when during the conversation the buyer thinks that I am not answering


I think its an error. A user who was inquiring about my gig (returning client) a minute ago “Can not be contacted at this time” . The returning client who has placed several orders in the past now thinks I’m online but not replying.


what ever may be the reason of this error but it was resolved after I contacted with CS.
Thanks to fiverr quick CS.


HEllo,i have the same problem, a buyer sent me a message but i can’t reply to him
what should i do please?


Just ignore that will not effect your Response rate
The person has used some inappropriate words in his/her message like they want to contact outside of fiver or they have sent the same message to many sellers so it is considered as SPAM


thanks for the response


I have also faced this problem…Thanks to all !!


I am also facing this problem. My buyers getting this error message when contacting me.


The user probably closed their account or got banned for spamming


Most of my buyers faced this issue. I contacted more than 5 times customer support. Getting same reply from them.

I am sorry to see this. After review of your account it would appear that there is no issue on your side nor with Fiverr. Since the issue seems to be on the buyers side we would need to be contacted by them in order to assist you further and resolve this issue so feel free to instruct them to do so.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

But practically how we request all our buyers to contact the support team ?


How would you know they are getting this message, if they can’t contact you?