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Alexa shows fiverr has had a sudden jump in visitors coming from Google


It started about April 20.

It may mean that fiverr has stopped advertising as much.


the situation is same for all freelancing websites.


You are correct. Do you have any idea why this is?


Like upwork @misscrystal


Yes I just thought of that and posted the Alexa link. It is exactly the same as fiverr’s. Why? :hushed:


Conspiracy: merging?


Check These @misscrystal


Etsy is the same too! :astonished:


This is the kind of thing that will drive me crazy wondering about it. :fearful:


I think Alexa is having a break. I don’t know how accurate they are.



Thank you for giving me some explanation of this.
It seems impossible for all the graphs for all the freelancing sites to match completely like they do.


Who knows?

{open for a mysterious discussion.}


Alexa must have copied those graphs and with small changes used them for all freelancing sites.


@thecreativeguys The Council of Freelance Masons has joined forces with Sigma Force and a certain secret society which shall not be named, and they have purchased some select companies and organizations during a top confidence meeting. There was a leak on a famous freelancing journal and many sources believe the information leaked to be of a specific nature.


@fonthaunt So now all freelance sites are sister sites flying different banners but flying with the same set of pilots, so that it would not be an exaggeration to say they are in effect the same site which only appears to be different ones. Thank you Maddie that makes sense.


Hehe, SURE it does. :upside_down: I just wanted to give Mr. thecreat something mysterious to discuss, but the actual screenshots are interesting. Meaningful or not? I have no idea, I’ve never trusted Alexa that much, but I definitely don’t claim expertise on anything except creativity in responses. :slight_smile:


This has to remain secret so as to fly under the radar of congress and thereby avoid the same fate as Microsoft in Microsoft vs. The United States when it was found to violate antitrust laws since it has a monopoly. Alexa would be exhibit A.


Good point.

The llama in the gold hat and louboutins would be exhibit Y, but we are a long way from there, so no need to discuss it now.


Exhibit B:


Where’s Dan Brown when you need him? :slight_smile: