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Algorithm changed of sorting of gigs in Avg. Customer Review Section

Hi there,
I have been following my gig’s performance day by day and my gig always remained on first page in “Avg. Customer Review” Section of gigs sorting.

To avoid confusion of what I’m talking about, go to:
Programming & Tech > Web Programming

Then by default Sort by: Recommended section will be opened.
Clicking dropdown will reveal two more options

2-Avg. Customer Review
3-Newest Arrivals

And my gig was at around 20 to 25th position on front page in Avg. Customer Review and now I see absolutely different gigs at all. There is not a single gig which used to be there, now.

How is algorithm changed and how to get to that spot again.

Fiverr is constantly changing. Where you rank in search and category listings will change as well. You are not entitled to one “spot” indefinitely. You earn that spot through hard work, and following Fiverr’s ranking advice. Competition here on Fiverr is fierce. Change is part of competition.