Algorithm Changes! is there anything wrong with you?


I am hopping you are all well and doing well.
I am experiencing bad time, I got order randomly but from 1month there is no order, is there anything going wrong?
I don’t know if you are facing the same problem.
Share your experience please!!!

Best Regards,


a short search in the forum and you’d see several threads already on this topic.


Thankyou for your reply.


New algorithm is wonderfull. It’s so good!
It killed my gig. Gig keeps sinking … - - - … , … - - - … , … - - - …


Glad to know it’s working for you…


against - instead of - for



Yes my gigs is dying, you can see seller with high rating which is stay on page 1 receive ton of orders, and our gigs(seller with low/small rating) is not appear on fiverr search engine because of new algorithm
Just hope they change the algorithm to the old one.


Why worry so much about how other peoples’ gigs are doing? There nothing you can do about them, but you can do stuff to help yourself!

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Because the new algorithm is not fair and really bad, how can i do stuff i’m not receive any order or message yet


You’re a level 2 seller with lots of recent sales, and a great deal of experience. :slight_smile:

You’ve done well, so do more by yourself to make the most of it - promote your gigs outside Fiverr.


Hopping everything will be okey by the fiverr team…


Dont worry i already do it, and still my main income is fiverr search engine, 1 week ago i receive ton of sales, and now i didnt receive anything even the new message, maybe now you can laughing at us, but you will understand when the algorithm problem come on you.


I’m not laughing at anybody - please don’t think that, but moaning about it and comparing how you’re doing with everybody else won’t help.

Do something to help yourself rather than moaning about it.

Have you looked at Eoin’s series on how best to promote your gigs? just search the forum for UPYOUR.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


My gigs are doing great over the last few days getting a lot of orders. Some repeat others new clients.


if you think i got many buyer from outside fiverr i will not use fiverr instead Doing direct order with the client


Delighted to hear it Crystal! :slight_smile:


You’re totally free to do whatever you want! Good luck! :slight_smile:


But I have been promoting a lot outside of fiverr


See - it works! :slight_smile:


Where specificly you’re promoting your gigs?