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Algorithm improvement ASAP

I think Fiverr should somehow improve the algorithm as soon as possible .No serious freelancer can rely on it to built a career and that’s not good for Fiverr itself. Sellers with bad reviews often rank higher that others that have five stars, sellers often land to the last page without a reason, even when sorting by “best selling” the first results are not correct (how a seller with one review with a only 5$ gig can be more “best selling” than another one with 200 reviews"?

Fiverr would be much much better and profitable if the serious freelancers could rely on it.The fact that it gives new sellers the opportunity to be seen is great, but you can’t be constantly be ranking garbage gigs higher than the good ones. It’s bad for everyone, and especially for your own credibility.


Yes, you can.

They program the algorithm around what maximizes profits and, if you do your research, you’ll see that there are plenty of successful Sellers who don’t exploit themselves to get sales. What you’re describing does not mean increased profits at all. Fiverr is a business. They know how to maximize profits and it’s all based on data.

I get Sales regularly and I don’t undercharge at all and I’m hardly the minority.


I dont know if I can post links here, but this is what I found from an article that was written on May 2019

The company, which is headquartered in Tel Aviv, is losing money — its net losses grew from $19.3 million in 2017 to $36.1 million in 2018. At the same time, revenue grew by nearly 45%, from $52.1 million to $75.5 million.

So I guess you are wrong.


That doesn’t at all mean I’m wrong and I think they know more about what drives their profits than you do.

There are many, many, many reasons a company loses profits and even if it did, that doesn’t mean they should take your advice. You are a Fiverr Seller and don’t even have access to the kind of data or understanding you would need to make an informed decision on this. You’re a Seller, not an account executive.


Of course they know, but this category is called “Fiverr Site Suggestions”, so anyone can suggest things.

What the OP is talking about is common sense, you need to promote your best sellers (and make them be able to trust you in order to stay here), to attract the best possible quality buyers. Your best sellers is your image to the people.

This can’t be done with garbage gigs on the front page and with the search algorithm doing simple things wrong (like “best selling gigs” mentioned on the first post).

Anyone can understand that an idea like that won’t be attractive to sellers with 4,6 and 4,7 average ratings for obvious reasons, but this is how things should work in an organized freelancing platform

It isn’t common sense at all. High sellers aren’t everything. Companies have to think of branding and sustainability and attracting the clientele and sellers they seek. We don’t know their strategy.

No, they don’t know. This person said to me that I was wrong because of a finance report she read. They extrapolated that to mean Fiverr needs to do it their way. Absurd.

I think Fiverr know more about how to run things than we do. Suggestions are great, but not when they are ignorant to other factors. Plus, we don’t even have the data or insights to know what is best, even if we were skilled in that area.

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The two most important factors for a successful business are a good product (or service), and knowing how to sell it. It’s as simple as that. By improving the algorithm and showing your best-rated sellers first, you instantly have a better product, and you also use the sellers’ ability to sell (which is better than other sellers that don’t sell so much). And since Fiverr already has it’s team of developers, the improvement wouldn’t cost, so you have minimal or no expenses.

They increased revenue, but growing losses. That means that they need to increase the value (not the quantity) of the provided services, and selling a better product might be the way to achieve that.This means better sellers with higher prices, not garbage gigs in the first page, and trust between fiverr and the top freelancers.

I agreed on your thinking, Your thought was much deeper. Anyway, I appreciate that.

Do you think Fiverr hasn’t considered that? Do you really think you know more about business development than they do? Do you really think you even have the tools to know what is best? It’s based on complex data and market research, which you don’t even have access to, among many other things. You’re also not a business executive. You’re a Fiverr Seller who clearly doesn’t even perform well here.

These are the problems with your argument.

  1. You’re operating under the illogical assumption that TRS sellers generate more revenue than other types of sellers combined. You have no idea if that is true and no reason to think it is.

Under your rationale, the first class passengers of the Titanic generated the most revenue for that line. Nope. It was the third class passengers who generated the most profit. That’s a fact.

Maybe a higher quantity of lower-quality sellers earn more profit than the few sellers who are skilled enough to be TRS. You have no idea. You don’t have that data or insight or the skill to assess it. If you did, you’d be a successful Fiverr Seller or a business executive.

Do you think new or potential sellers will invest much effort into Fiverr if they look and see that only TRS people rank well? What would it mean for Fiverr’s business if those sellers decide to leave, not pursue or Fiverr or to just not put much time into it? And what if those sellers who are now alienated were the ones who would have brought in the most money, en masse?

You have to think en-masse in business, not just individual performance.

Sales is all about targeting the right thing to the right person. There is obviously a reason Fiverr doesn’t deter cheap sellers here. Maybe a lot of people don’t want TRS? They’re more expensive and don’t necessarily vibe with what the bulk of top buyers (en masse) are looking for.

  1. You’re also operating under the assumption that revenue is all they have to care about, which is wrong and doesn’t consider branding or sustainability.

They have to think of their brand. TRS generally charge more and are more professional. If Fiverr favours them, they could lose their reputation as being the place to go for really cheap work, which they don’t want to lose. And there are loads of other things they need to consider that could impact their brand and the sustainability of their business.

So no, @janjalcore, it wasn’t deeper thinking. This would have failed a 1-level college business assignment, not become a lucrative business model.


Don’t need to take it personally. I understand that your overall 4,7 rating (which in the real world would mean a 50% grade since buyers are usually polite and almost nobody gives a 1 star rating) can’t allow something like this to happen. I also understand your passion to stand up for low quality sellers and your need to be as “nice” to Fiverr as possible :slight_smile:

As you already said after all, you get sales even with such a rating because of the existing algorithm.

But in case you didn’t understand, I want high rated and high selling sellers to show up first, so I guess I am not just a seller that performs badly :slight_smile: I didn’t say that Fiverr must delete bad gigs or non-talented sellers. I just asked for more meritocracy, because no business sustains by selling high quantity of garbage at a low price (seems familiar?) You say that and the same time pretending to be an expert who is talking about business strategies and sustainability lol.

You say that I make assumptions, but YOU assume that I perform badly, that I am not an accounting executive, that I know nothing about how they work etc. Since you also have no idea of how they work, why should someone take what you say seriously? You make much more assumptions than I do, at least I posted some facts here. YOU were the one speaking for their maximizing profits (and called the OP to do his research !!!) while they are growing losses lol again.

It’s clear that you have a complete ignorance of how businesses work, so, you can stop your self-promoting in the forum now :slight_smile:


I’m guessing you mean your gigs would be best for fiverr to show first.


@humanissocial is correct about Fiverr. Fiverr doesn’t work the way google does for a reason. Fiverr gives newbies a chance, thus churn on the first page of any given search - relevance vs best selling.

Fiverr wants to attract good sellers. New good sellers need to be given a chance. The algorithm does that.

If the algorithm worked the way google does, only the most popular would turn up in search … which would drive away good sellers who haven’t got there yet. Fiverr would lose money and fade into obscurity.

The algorithm works in precisely the way it has been designed to work.

That’s your problem and only yours.

What’s my problem and only mine? Oh I see, you mean because you don’t have a seller account on fiverr. My bad.

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“I understand that your overall 4,7 rating (which in the real world would mean a 50% grade since buyers are usually polite and almost nobody gives a 1 star rating) can’t allow something like this to happen. I also understand your passion to stand up for low quality sellers and your need to be as “nice” to Fiverr as possible :slight_smile:


You don’t have an argument, so you get personal.

I made no assumptions at all. None. If you relook at what I wrote, I’m saying what needs to be considered in assessing what should be done. I said several times that we don’t know the data or insights that are required to determine what is best.

Good luck to you. I’m done.

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I am not talking about new sellers. They must have a chance. I am talking about garbage gigs with bad ratings that rank higher than 5 star gigs.

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Ok, sorry…

Still all about relevance - if you want to see how they manage to turn up on the front page of search, examine them carefully - and outsmart them!

So the OP doesn’t have a fiverr account, and @cornelious91 isn’t a seller.
Fiverr will do whatever it wants with the algorithm so why bother even discussing it.
I’ve been a seller for almost seven years and long ago stopped thinking about it.
I remember at least five years ago wondering why some gigs got shown first and gave up on that.


The posts are here, everyone can see if you made assumptions and who got personal.

Anyway, bye.

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