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Algorithm is not based on peformance


I’ve been a seller here for 3 years and I’ve realized that the gig ranking doesn’t seem to be based on performance at all.

I’ve got over 400 positive reviews on my gigs with a 4.9 rating but ALL my gigs have been shoved to the last page.

Then my spot at the top of the listings has been replaced with sellers with poor ratings / less peformance.

It seems the algorithm is completely random and just shuffles gigs randomly not based on peformance.

This is painful for me as a top seller. To sweat and bleed for my business for years to be outranked by people with barley any reviews. It’s unfair.



I always thought the algorithm was based both on performance and Fiverr’s desire to give exposure to more sellers. Therefore, it seems that for quite sometime now sellers have been coming to the Fiverr Forum to lament over their gigs being moved back from the first pages of the search.

Also, keep in mind that where you see your gigs is not where others may see it when they look. It changes every time a search is done. Some of my Forum friends and I discovered this when we looked for each others gigs while chatting in a Forum thread.

Although I would love to be on the first page of the search, I understand there are only 48 spots there so the only thing I can do is wait for my turn to come around again.


If it was based on performance then I wouldn’t be on the last page. I have more five star reviews than pretty much everyone above me in the rankings.


it should be change…

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It would be considerably more unfair for newer sellers to be shoved to the back pages simply due to lack of ratings/etc… By shifting gigs around people who might not otherwise get any exposure have occasional opportunity to get some – the same thing that allowed you to get to where you are.


I have going 1500 5-:star: reviews since September of 2017 and I still spend time not on the first page. Truth be told I seldom look at my placement. I go by the number of orders I am getting. Sometimes I am so busy I can barely keep up and at other times I have time to catch up on my housework.

I have been on the Forum for 3.5 years and in that time many TRS sellers have complained of being on the last page. There is not much you can do to get Fiverr to change their formula.

Also, since the pandemic sellers have doubled and even tripled in some areas, so you may be sharing the limelight with more sellers now.

Check out this document recently created by @blavaro: :point_down:t2: Perhaps your competition has drastically increased!


If SERP was based on performance, then sellers like me would always stay on top, and no one would ever get a chance to rise to the top.

The new version of the algorithm looks for relevance.

If your gigs are buried then it means that they are now considered irrelevant and are not served to potential buyers.

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Do you find you normally get back on the top eventually. Worried I’m going to stay here forever.

Yes, sometimes it is a couple of weeks, sometimes a few days. It helps to have regular buyers!


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It probably takes when the last order was delivered into account. If you look at the top ranked gigs on the first page of the subcategory, they all have a “last delivery” of no more than a day (when rounded to whole days I assume).


I understand your point and it’s true, it’s a bit unfair. But if algorithm was based on reviews and performances, then new sellers would have NO chance to start selling. Yes, your gigs may be on the last page of the categories (I believe it will not be like that forever), but as a TOP SELLER, you have many customers that already know you and would come back to you. Also, between you and a new seller, people would easily trust and choose your services. So, yes, at first it may seem unfair, but also it’s just Fiverr’s way to give everyone a chance.

I thought that only TRSs were rated by Fiverr as being Top Sellers. :thinking:

Maybe that is your issue. You say you have been here 3 years, yet you only have 400 reviews in all, which is 133 per year. I have been here for 3 years too, and I have 436 reviews per year. Maybe your performance is not what you think it is?:flushed:


I’m not too far off from being a top rated seller. I’ve been averaging £1500 worth of sales per month for the past 6 months. Before that I only had one gig up so was making like £300 per month. Now with the algorithm change I’m at pretty much 0 per month.

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True. I had all ratings 100% and closer to 10k reviews with 20-60 orders in queue all the time. No late deliveries, fast response times etc., so I was among the best sellers when it comes to performance. Nothing could have been improved.

Yet, on the same minute I edited my gigs slightly, they all got yeeted into last pages right after another. This was last year, so impressions have dropped by 99% since then and once every 4~ months I get a boost in impressions due to a gig appearing in recommended sorting for no apparent reason, but it lasts only a week at most.

If the reason is because my gigs are deemed irrelevant, it’s quite odd considering how many people were buying them and leaving excellent reviews. Some regular buyers even having hundreds of orders placed total, so it doesn’t seem like an irrelevant gig to me.

And what’s odd further is that similar gigs are appearing stickied to front page when sorting by best selling, despite them having maybe ten reviews total and no orders in queue, so not sure how those are relevant then.

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Yes exactly what I mean it’s ridiculous. I’ve been replaced by mediocre gigs

Wow, @adsensewizard! I looked at your profile and you have had a lot of reviews in the 8 years you have been here, about 1500 per year. Could the algorithm be more based on order size? :thinking:

I just edited all of my gigs and I do not see much change in my sales, although as I said I never check my placement. Did you check out how much your competition has increased according to @blavaro’s document as that may be part of the issue?

To me and you that seems like a lot of dollars. However, I proofread for a few TRS and I think from the amount of work I do for them and the price of their gigs, they make quite a bit more than that. Another observation is that even the TRSs I work for go through slumps in sales.

I couldn’t agree with you. Performance is measured by many key factors.
“In this post bottom phase,” you’ll find the answer of how actually your performance is measured