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Algorithm of fiverr

I just asked support team for my hack gig where i have completed 145 orders still it comes to last page even getting good ratings , they replied ranking depends upon ratings and performance but we can see there many new sellers with no rated gigs still ranking on top of search page …WHAT EXACTLY THE FIVERR ALGORITHM IS ALL ABOUT ?


Because fiverr algorythm is not that simple and it gives a boost for some new sellers to give them a chance to be noticed.


But they said rankings depends on customers ratings and time of delivery…So I my self sometimes wonder why some newbies receives higher rankings while some level 2 sellers are gasping for breath in the ranking table.

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Why can’t they have a good statistics? If you a newbie all your stats at 100%. If they reply fast then their average response time is also high (even if they replied only one or 2 messages) so it total they might have better stats than yours. So would it be unfair to give them a chance to shine?

I also have new gig why it is not ranking on first page ?
I still dont agree with you.

I said new sellers not new gig,
You can keep arguing with me but if you believe there is a problem you can always again ask support team.

Maybe it takes stats like response rate into account. eg. if you don’t respond to every message maybe that effects gig ranking.

thank you so much for your precious suggestions

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