Algorithms are messed up


The algorithms are recently messed up like super bad. People with 0 positive ratings are higher than me now, what kind of bs is this?[quote=“misscrystal, post:2, topic:131727”]
For a while there you had about a dozen gigs all over the first page. Now just one.

I know this is unbelievable. Worked my butt off to have 1 gig on the first page. Going to email Fiverr Support

Major bug in search
Not rated gigs on first page

I always saw ones with ten reviews on the top lines while mine with over 600 was at the end of the rankings. But I have a gig with zero and it’s at the very bottom too :smiley:

But my clients are mostly repeat ones so I don’t care.

For a while there you had about a dozen gigs all over the first page. Now just one.


It never stays the same aside from a couple of sellers who are always on the top line.

There is no way to understand it.

At least you have one on the first page. I have none unless someone clicks top rated seller and then clicks on reviews.


Yeah that’s true I guess. I already messaged Fiverr but will see what happens. Bummed out.


I don’t know what’s wrong with the Fiverr algorithm. About 1 week ago my gig was on 2nd page 3rd row when I search “minimal logo” then suddenly my gig was completely disappeared from search and I am not able to find my gig anywhere and my impressions, clicks and views are going down every day. There are many gigs of the new seller which are showing on the first page but I am not able to find my gig.


There’s a gig with 1 positive review that is placed 1st in the average high ratings section. What the heck? I didn’t work 2 years for this.


I had submitted a support ticket but no reply from cs.


Same Issue with me, before new update my gig was on first page on 5th line, now my gig out of search, what is this? not rated gigs is showing on first page 1st row, can you believe it.


Exactly my point, I normally receive 4/5 order per day, in this month I am receiving 1/2 order in 2/3 days. I cant understand what is wrong with fiverr algorithm.


Psychic :crystal_ball: readings starting at $995. :astonished:


I’ve noticed this too. The search is completely messed up now.


I know! That is alot of money :confused:


My point. My sales are so f@#$% right now it’s unbelievable. My gigs better be back at the first or second line of the highest average ratings like it was before, so angry


Did you opened a ticket on CS? I think all sellers that are having this issue should open. It is completely clear that something is messed up with the search.


I did and a CS rep is forwarding it to the department right now.
Any sellers facing this issue, please let CS know. We need this issue fixed as soon as possible - otherwise everyone’s sales will drop dramatically.


I bet that CS will give you the same robotic answer they always give “the search is dynamic” but in fact it is not. Fiverr need some better programmers to fix their search system urgently…


You are right. I got the same robotic reply from Fiverr cs which I was not expecting.


What CS told to you?


It has been showing this way for a few weeks now. I thought this is another Fiverr experiment causing it.


In our category there are some with zero reviews or less than 5 reviews in the top four rows of the recommended section.

On the top row there is one without any reviews which is recommended. And the one with two reviews has been in the second row for a long time. He never gets a new review.