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Algorithms are messed up


Some updates!

Check out this thread :slight_smile:


This Is Really Crazy Update , Worst Ever, Impressions are Dropping, Sellers are in big Trouble , Please Fix ,


Update? I mean the main thread clearly starts with “testing”.


Hope fiverr team will comeup with nice update with such mashup


Is this any bug and will be fixed soon? or it’s new update and stay as it is?


It’s an ongoing test that Fiverr is conducting in regards to their search placement algorithms. Here, the official reply:


It’s amusing to see how much time people waste with this search result BS.

I grab some cheese flips while browsing through all the comments. :slight_smile:


I enjoy it too. Multiple complaints in more than one thread from the same people too.


I enjoy that topic for its escalating offtopics :smiley:


I like this title:

Algorithm tests just destroyed my business.:scream:


The thing is this: many of those who complain are glad that they can blame something that is out of their control for not making sales. Once the search result bs is fixed, they will find out that it wasn’t te problem for their lack of orders in the first place. This is the moment where the how-to-mek-sell-posts start again, what will be a reason to open another bag of cheese flips.


Haha! Looking forward to that time :smiley:

But I bet those complaining will then complain some more with after-topics such as “I lost all sales after those tests”, and of course @misscrystal’s “algorithm tests destroyed my business” and such.

They will then have a reference to base their future complaints on!


If they were as inventive in their business as in their complains they would prosper :slight_smile:


A pain update. I don’t know when it will fix. The man who copied my gig a-z, my main image, description. everything. he got his last order 2 months ago he is the search result. But my regular 3-4 selling gig is not in the search result. WOW. How can I express my feeling!! I informed support they said they are not showing inactive gig on search. I have got 100% positive rating, 100% response rate, Delivered on Time 94%, Orders Completed 96%. I don’t how they find me inactive.


@imrul334 you are easily found in the 6th row in the second position. I searched for edit Amazon photos. I do not see any copies of your gig on that first page.

I’m not sure why you said you are not in the search result when it took me five seconds to find your gig, on the first page of results.


Your on the second page when I search for “edit amazon photo’s.”


Second page for me too. Mine are still completely lost in the results. I would be happy with being on the second page for any keywords.


There’s no second page. :expressionless:


The keyword I’m targeting mainly is “Instagram shoutout”. Unfortunately, most brands that are looking for Instagram promotions are usually searching for either “Vape Instagram shoutout” or “Vape Instagram promotion”. And once you add “shoutout” in the search keywords, the results are everything but “vape” related in this case.


Just my two cents in regards to this algorithm testing, the messed orders and a potential to still be able to do business under these circumstances…

First of all, I’d like to explain that I do not advise ANYONE to follow my practice, I’m just sharing my own experience and findings that I believe, somehow “prove” that the algorithm issue is not the MAIN ISSUE for sellers not getting orders.

The last 2-3 days of April I experienced a drop in my sales that I thought was due to the testing since I hadn’t changed my gig descriptions, any tags or other parameters. I made peace with this, freelancing has its ups and downs so I decided to give this situation at least a couple of months before deciding to say if it works for me or not.

Browsing the forum I’ve read that the new placement gives a privilege to the most expensive gigs (but sellers claim there is no effect in orders as the gigs are “over-priced”) so I bit the bullet and changed the prices on my services. Of course, this didn’t come off as a blunt over-charging, I leveraged my deliverables as well, adding extra value in every package.

The result? After two very silent days, I started getting orders FROM RETURNING CLIENTS (and a couple of new ones) on my revised quotes regardless they had paid almost half of what I currently charge, a few weeks back. I do not suggest that this has application to all gigs across the categories BUT personally speaking, it worked with past clients of mine and it taught me that if a buyer is satisfied, they’ll come back, no matter the price.

So instead of focusing on how this testing affects us, we could channel our energy towards improving the buyers’ experience and giving them a reason to choose OUR service no matter what.