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Algorithms are messed up


my gig prices are messed up


Yes there seems to be a bug in the search results particularly when you display search results sorted by average customer review there are several gigs with 1 or 2 reviews that are appear in the first page of the results


Can someone get Fiverr Support to read these topics? Seriously my sales are messed up this isn’t fair. I didn’t work 2 years for this


For the first time in all the years I’ve been here, I’ve never had this issue. And, now I have it. My sales are going to be about $400 less this month because of my gigs not showing up in the search. I was lucky to make it to my goal this month. Unreal… I went through Five pages before I finally gave up looking for mine. It says it’s active but where on the site it’s active, beats me.


I’m going to be $500 short this month can’t believe this


We’re pretty much screwed, then.

We will have to solely rely on old customers, as we will not be able to attract new ones.

That’s just great. Fighting for good reviews only for them to be considered irrelevant.


We’re not screwed yet, if nothing changes in the next few weeks then safe to say many of us will be screwed


I know, many will indeed. But many will also unfairly benefit from this. Fiverr will keep charging its 20% fee anyway…


Interestingly enough my gig appears on the first page with the keywords I’ve set. (On some days, today yes!)

It’s upsetting that people who have just signed-up or have several reviews on their gig have priority somehow.

I’ve worked super hard the last 4 years to get where I am, I should have some “leverage” over newbie sellers (in one way or the other!)

Interestingly, although I only have 250+ reviews I’ve rarely sold $5 gigs in the past 12 months. So I don’t know how anything is determined when related to becoming a TRS. I’ve probably made more money than many TRS with 1000+ reviews. Anyway no ranting. Let’s be happy :slight_smile: or not :frowning:

Oh, and getting back to the search algorithm, some days my gigs won’t show up at all.


I uploaded this in other topic, but I’m sending it here too to keep updated.

"I used LOGO keyword as sample (not my category), Filtered by LOGO DESIGN category, and then 3 different sorting.

RELEVANCE sorting and RATING are the SAME

And support says that everything is ok

Im getting really frustrated"

Also I realized that more expensive priced gigs are being shown if the first pages. And every page of RELEVANCE sorting and RATING are the SAME, it just change the position where the gig is placed in that page.


Yep, I’ve been saying this for almost a month now. Spent the first half of the month with almost no new contacts, and earnings this month will be 2/3 my usual (thanks to my regulars).


I have exactly the same problem. For my 5 years on Fiverr I haven’t seen anything like this.


I’m now only relying on regular customers as well.

New people can’t reach me. I have brand new arrivals, with 0 reviews, ahead of me.

I fought 1,5 years to get it going and this is how it ends. This is demotivating as hell.


Fiverr is now ranking first page gigs with base price higher. So if you are selling a gig with minimum price $100 you will rank first. But tell me, which buyer will come to a site called FIVERR to pay $100 in his first purchase? This is how to NOT manage a company.


Any updates going on? My sales are very bad!!


Thanks for taking your time and putting this together!

I just tried this and noticed exactly what you pointed out!


Can we have a Fiverr account manager comment on this post?

Everyone Please vote!

  • YES
  • NO

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What I read was the high priced gigs get first dibs basically? This site is literally called Fiverr


This poll does not make much sense. It might just be me.


I think they mean a Fiverr representative to take a look at the issue
The only people who I think could help us is the mods to ask Fiverr support to take a look at this topic - maybe they can help but I don’t know
My sales are screwed