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Algorithms are messed up


I can’t help but feel that there could be better uses of your time.


I cant agree with this.
Fverr isnt just sit and wait for orders. You must be proactive inside and outside your gig.

If I relize something isnt going good with fiverr, my gig wont be doing good too.

Also, I will never accept copies of my gig (as cover and descriptions, which I CREATED) being in front of mine. It’s called plagiarism, and fiverr doesnt accept this too. :wink:


I fully agree with that, its just that I dont see how scrolling through 46 pages of results is doing that.


well, I do, because neither of these 46 my gig is located (being mine the 2nd most rated gig in my category), so yes I’ll be monitoring it till I find, since I have spare time after these “issues” in searching engine.

By the way, fiverr is AWESOME, I just love it, but it isn’t God. As any other platform (like google, apple and etc) it also have some problem and bugs, which customers normally discover. Keeping an eye open for this is always a good thing, for me and for other who are concern in fiverr own performance


For a few days I try to make the system to show me on “up to 24 hrs” - doesn’t work. I have 2 options (1 day delivery) and the search system just ignors it.


I think thats not the case, Goto My gigs section click the gig and check in gig info what is “average delivery time”, if it is more than 24H or not. I think it is more than 24H that why its not showing even after the filtering(24H), I dont know exactly, fiverr is messed up currently,so anything can be happened.


Cheers pal, I’ll studdy it.


I guess this could be a reason why the impression of my both best selling gigs have dropped from +25k to 4k last 30 days.


Same thing here too. I had a gig which is on top of the search result. But now I can not find it in the first page of search result. I have 700+ 5 stars review. but I can see top of the search result which is 1 review gig.

Please fiverr help us…


That’s same case with me


Some updates!

Check out this thread :slight_smile:


This Is Really Crazy Update , Worst Ever, Impressions are Dropping, Sellers are in big Trouble , Please Fix ,


Update? I mean the main thread clearly starts with “testing”.


Hope fiverr team will comeup with nice update with such mashup


Is this any bug and will be fixed soon? or it’s new update and stay as it is?


It’s an ongoing test that Fiverr is conducting in regards to their search placement algorithms. Here, the official reply:


It’s amusing to see how much time people waste with this search result BS.

I grab some cheese flips while browsing through all the comments. :slight_smile:


I enjoy it too. Multiple complaints in more than one thread from the same people too.


I enjoy that topic for its escalating offtopics :smiley:


I like this title:

Algorithm tests just destroyed my business.:scream: