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Alhamdulillah I got my first order


I got my first order but the buyer doesn’t give me any access he just wants to my email for access I already told him it violates fiverr rules but he doesn’t listen to me and last night he wants to cancel this order
what should I do now Kindly help me everyone :slight_smile:


Can you share your niche, please??


If the buyer is insisting upon actions that violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you might be best to accept his cancellation request. It is better to cancel an order in which a buyer like this refuses to follow the rules, than to try to deliver appropriate work that could get you into trouble with Fiverr. I recommend cancellation as that order does not appear to be an order that will go well for you.


If you ever have an issue this serious you should probably ask Support for help very early in the order process. Support might have given you permission to give an email if it’s actually necessary. If it’s not necessary you need to explain to the buyer how to work around the issue. You can usually avoid cancellations by working through the issue quickly. If it’s too late for that now you may have to cancel.


Totally. It’s not worth it to appease unethical buyers.