Alhamdulillah, I just got a promotion to Level 1 Seller ! :)


Thanks to Allah, i just got Level 1 Seller. And makes me want to be better than before in my services. I want to ask, Fiverr tells that I should have 50 buyer in 2 months and good reviews to be promoted again to the level 2. So if i can’t do that, will the level 2 promotion door’s will closed to me? :frowning:

Thank you, Irham.


One step at a time young Grasshopper. You must keep focus on where you are, hone your skills and master will reward you with new gifts of learning and understanding to reach level 2 status and even greater heights of TOP RATED SELLER!

Anyway Congrats !!!


Congratulations. :slight_smile:

Doors are never closed, just do your great work and you will be awarded with something more soon. :slight_smile:




Congratulations for your Level 1, doors are never closed you need to get minimum 50 orders and with positive rating to get level 2, rest depends on fiverr editors. :)>- >:D<


Reply to @diqu91: thank you :slight_smile:


Reply to @danish82: but instead i have do that iwthin 2 months??anyway thank you


Reply to @craigscott: yes sir. i’ll always focus in my jobs:)