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Alignment of Seller and Buyer's Gig

A little over one year ago, I came to Fiverr and purchased a website. There were some difficulties created by name, not having the experience with the understanding of what I needed to provide for the development of the website. However, I did provide and example URL to guide the developer- oh! I was naïve. For the delivery of the site, I had to provide a specific type of server. I have learned to ask a lot of questions. My point here is, why don’t the Sellers (Experts) communicate more upfront with the Buyers (Novice)? Currently, I have a Seller on a gig to document and flowchart a process who has attempted to sell me leads for my requested gig? What’s the best way to address this? How can I improve my request and expectations?


If it were me who bought from this seller I would immediately request a cancellation. This is extremely discouraging.

Your seller is not only unprofessional, but is showing the fact he is indeed an amateur with no comprehension of how to conduct him or herself during the sales process. I would be very upset by this.

I hire Top Rated Sellers with thousands of 5 star reviews. I never use buyer’s request where there are more amateurs and sellers promising what they can’t deliver in my opinion.


Now you deserve more attention with say it :thinking: