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How are you? Hope you all will be fine and doing well on Fiverr.

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Today when I logged into Fiverr blog, I read a new service of Fiverr (Fiverr PRO). I read as much as I could about it, It’s all benefits for buyers as well as for sellers and got a chance for “How to submit an application for Fiverr PRO”. If still sellers and buyers want to know more about it, please visit this link and pass comments here, does fiverr doing well or not?
Will it help for both sellers and buyers?

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There are already threads on this; one from staff themselves and one for thoughts on it plus others, why start a new one?

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Because he felt like making an announcement of his own? :slight_smile:


Well yes, but… ARGH on filing up the forum with individual threads on the exact same things. Clutter.

Maybe he felt the need to advertise his profile page & gigs, and found the perfect opportunity (note the profile mention in the screenshot :wink: I mean, it’s a screenshot, anyone can take a screenshot, why advertise that in the wrong category? )


Yea, it’s like people think forum members are stupid.
Do they think that crap actually gets them sales? Sigh…

@frank_d & @uncarved

Honestly speaking, I read about it on blog and I was unaware that If it really exists on Forum too. Thanks for sharing links, Now if You are here, so please describe about it. As this services is applied on specific categories and I do not work on these categories, So, what I should do, Do I apply for it or wait for Fiverr for my own category?

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Are you for real? I sure hope a moderator deletes this soon.

Hey You all guys are criticizing me, I was not to meant that. Anyways, I delete it. No Problem.

why don’t you discuss it on the discussion thread instead of here

I can discuss there, no Problem. I just realized that the thread is already exist there.

Duplicate thread