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All about Gig Extras


Many buyers do not understand the current Gig Extras, how it works etc. I’ve had many situations where buyers demand for Gig Extras features but did not add them to their order. A redesign of the Gig Extras box might help… Here’s a suggestion…


Nice photoshoped before and after example.


I really like this idea! I also think that if you only click the order now button, it should prompt you and ask “Do you want to purchase any gig extras?” And then show the list to you, just in case you are not an experienced buyer and you really wanted one but didn’t know.




Reply to @elliott22x: I agree with you as well!


I think its a great idea, and the EXTRA FAST should be much brighter also. Why dont you do another photoshop and make the EXTRA FAST a bright yellow like your ORDER HERE examples. (I think a better term is SUPER FAST instead of EXTRA FAST, has more kick in my opinion)


This is good idea in my book!




“Get more with my Gig Extras” is this feature available for newbies in fiverr?? please guide me how to activate it? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Reply to @pjoee123: you need to at least be a Level 1 seller to be able to enjoy this benefit :slight_smile:




Reply to @thefacebookgeek: Thank you. :slight_smile: