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All account gigs deranked for a year

Check my gig and account Do shopify store seo to increase shopify sales and ranking by Simiseo | Fiverr

It is on last for a year and still account is on last page account is totally dead what should I do?

Please check and visit my gig.


You should give new gig and stay online 24 hours. Send buyer request 10 everyday.

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Doing it fiverr app is opened always.

Research about Fiverr and give new gig.

From my quick check you weren’t on the last page within your category. I found your gig on page 7.

Secondly, your gigs themselves are based on SEO and you describe yourself as an SEO expert. If this is the case you should know the basics of SEO and how you can potentially optimise your gig in the search rankings on fiverr too. Thirdly, fiverr gigs seem to be rotated through the search results often and this is normal. You say it is totally dead but you’ve had multiple orders the past couple of months so people must be seeing your gig somewhere.

If you really want to be ranked higher try making changes to your gigs and waiting a week to see if those changes make a difference.

Also please ignore the “advice” of staying online and sending 10 buyer requests everyday.


Open a little gig with a new unique title, unique description and an eaycating thumbnail, then the rank will be quick, you can see my gig shots

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All orders from old clients and gigs are on last page can you show me that my gigs are on 7th page?

This will not help until my account is active

Anyone got solution?

Yes I got solution. Thank You

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Please share with my account is deranked for a year?