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All All my Gigs are denied!

Hello everyone,
I have worked with Fiverr for approximative 6 months and everything was ok, until today in the morning when I saw that all my Gigs was denied! This is the message that comes from my email:
" Your account was flagged for violating our and is currently under review by our Trust and Safety team.
During the period of the review, you will be able to complete your active orders. However, you cannot place or receive new orders and you cannot communicate with users, other than your buyers/sellers within an active order.
I was very careful with each of my clients to not violets the rules of Fiverr.
Can you tell me what do you think it happened???
Have you heard about a similar situation?
I am very surprised that happen to me because I follow every time the rules of Fiverr, I accepted from the beginning and was very happy to work with Fiverr for a long time!!!

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I’m sorry to say that it’s not that your Gigs were denied, it’s that your account was restricted because you violated Fiverr’s TOS.

How many times you did it or for what reason, I don’t know. But, for every time you infringed them, Fiverr must have sent you an email.

Read those emails, there you’ll find what you did wrong.


So why are you telling us only half true? Why did you delete the part where should be said what exact rule you violated?


So we can speculate on the other half. :sweat_smile: and make the topic go 100 pages. :joy:

I’m out of likes María, so here’s my heart for you! :wink:



This is all the massage that came in my email, now I spoke with “Customers Services” and tell me that I should wait from the team to make a decision and then explain to me why? (write only that you have violated the rules, only this, nothing else) And something else, they don’t give me a term of how I can wait for a decision!!!
THIS IS ALL!!! I don’t have any reason for not tell all the true story.

The reason that I wrote is if anyone had the same experience as me and give any information in this case! ONLY FOR THIS!!!

Maybe someone on one of the sites related to your gigs might have flagged the gig if they thought it might offer something against their terms of service? eg. do they all allow someone other than the account owner to create accounts on their sites?

@kasuli_viktor, in first place, please don’t shout at me, I’m not deaf.

Second, you say that’s all the message that came with your email. Ok, so let’s do something: instead of you writing the email’s content, why don’t you just post it so we can all read what it says? It will be easier for you and for us.


OoOoOo tag me when the email is posted…


The most pertinent question right now, in my opinion, is:

@kasuli_viktor What products/services were you offering? What were your gigs about?


The services were social media management. “Social media manager” was the only reviewed gig but there were other gigs that were about setting up and managing instagram account, creating and managing twitter account, linkedin profile, pinterest account, etc. I’m wondering of one of their TOS disallowed the creation of accounts by someone who isn’t the account owner.


No, the problem not that all his gigs denied. The problem is: his account is restricted for TOS violation, when account is restricted then all gigs are denied.”

But he is still hiding what he violated.
@kasuli_viktor as @maitasun said before it will be great to see a screenshot of that email without you removing any parts from the message.
(I will apologies if it’s indeed the full message but it’s highly unlikely that fiverr suddenly started to forget to include main parts of the message)


Yes. I agree. This should be the reason why Fiverr denied the OP’s gigs. It is a third-party violation as I am certain these websites do not allow people to create accounts on behalf of others.

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see the photo, please

And what fiverr CS replies to you?
Did you ask them to point out the exact rule that you violated?

now, are you happy that I didn’t lied to you? They wrote to me and said that you should wait because your account is being reviewed but I don’t know for how long.

@kasuli_viktor, as we both, @mariashtelle1 and I, have told you, your Gigs weren’t denied. Your account was restricted because you violated Fiverr’s TOS (broke the rules).

How long will it take for Fiverr to answer you? Only they know. What will be Fiverr’s decision?Only they can tell. No one in the forum can help you in that regard.

By the way, if you don’t mind me asking. How many warnings have you received?

I am working on fiverr for 6 months and i dont have any warning yet. All the performance 100% and 5 start and 40 review, Level One. And something else, I have write each of the clients that want to speak with me out of Fiverr that I can’t do that and dont violated the Fiverr rules. ( 6-7 cases happend to me)

@kasuli_viktor Depending on the severity of the ToS violation(s), Fiverr can decide to suspend/ban a seller’s account even without giving them a single warning. :crying_cat_face:

I am just guessing here, but is it possible that Fiverr denied his gigs, too, before restricting his account? I mean, that’s a possibility too, right? :thinking:

The guessing game is real! :rofl:

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