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All feedback crossed out? Is this normal?

Take a look at this screenshot. Everything is crossed out. Is this normal?

Some say “seller” when actually they were the buyer!

Have you given or received feedback for the ones that are crossed out? All of mine look like yours, but I thought it was because the task was completed.

I think they show like that after you’ve responded to the feedback a buyer has left. At least this is the case in my experience.

Nope I didn’t respond and some of the crossouts they didn’t leave feedback.

I was going to leave some feedback and couldn’t.

This must be bug number 24 for me in the last two months.

I think it just means that there in nothing left TO DO regarding the Gig in question. Hard to tell exactly since I don’t think you grabbed the whole screen. ?

But yes, there are plenty of bugs on that page.