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All fiverr gigs are showing a starting price of $10 on my mobile app?!

I have noticed within the past week that my gigs on the fiverr app are showing a starting price of $10. As I looked through other sellers gigs, I notice that all of the gigs on the mobile app are starting at $10. On the computer they are fine though. I have also had a drop in sales like I have never had before within this week. Am I the only one this is happening to? I am wondering if this has something to do with my drop in sales because buyers are looking at my gigs on the mobile app thinking it is going to cost them $10 just for my basic gig. Also I’m worried that this bug will even drive buyers away from the site all together because it states starting at $5, yet when they look at the gigs on the mobile app, it’s showing all of the starting prices at $10. Is anyone else seeing this? Or is it just on my app?

I’ve checked the app and it’s true. All gigs appear as $10, but then when you click on one of them, it says “order ($5)” just as it should.

krissyandej said: I am wondering if this has something to do with my drop in sales
Al least in my category, and I'm talking about the normal website (not the app), all search positions have changed A LOT today. I had been around 8th or 13th position for a long time, and now I'm not even in the first page of "recommended". Same thing happens with the guys who where in the first positions.

I think that they have exchanged the gigs that were in “recommended” for the ones in “high rating”, because me and the sellers who were around me are in the same positions, but now in the “high rating” tag, which doesn’t open by default.

I agree too, I guess this will all be changes in the near future.

Thank you. I was starting to think that maybe it was just me. I was going to delete the app and re-download it.