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All Fiverr Members: What features are on your Fiverr wish list?


I have a long wish list, but I will save that for other members to list as well:

On my wish list:

  1. Better sale reports
  2. Ways to delete emails.



I wish we had more space in the descriptions and maybe ways to add graphics and HTML code


Oooh I have a few:

1.) I would love a store feature. Basically they should let us build a store (at a certain level) and sell copies of things we have already made - not unique but things like guides.

2.) Photo Fiverr - A photo bank - as someone who has multiple blogs finding good photos which are creative commons is difficult. If you could buy 5 for a Fiverr and use them for whatever this would be fantastic - not only that would open a new revenue stream for both Fiverr and us.

3.) Video chat. Yes Video chat.

4.) Custom Transactions - Allowing me to build my customer base and then make deals to do new things through Fiverr (While I would never do it, I get why some might be tempted to break Fiverrs communication rules). IE I work with a company which grows and it takes off and I helped them write their business plan, and they want me to consult and provide advice then I could bill them say, $1500 a month retainer or something like that - Fiverr Takes a cut.

5.) Better Tracking for sales. In particular a request revisions button - which doesn’t reject the order, but ques it for revisions - so you can look and see. With writing gigs you get revisions on many many pieces.

6.) Expansion of the menu options.

7.) Some sort of donation feature.

Okay. I get it. I am like a greedy kid at Christmas.



Oh and one more thing. A Vat option for your home country. IE if Im in Canada and my buyer is in Canada they have to pay Vat - and there is no way to track it. It would be very easy for the Tax authority to try and claim all buyers were in Canada.


I’m still a new seller, but my most wanted feature would have to be the ability to press [ENTER] in your gig descriptions and it actually adds a line instead of squishin everything!


The ability to track how people are finding your gig. Essentially, better analytics.


Let us make a certain price for our gig even as a newbie

  1. Better reporting of course
  2. Vacation mode
  3. Change the term ‘Gig Extras’ to something else, it’s confusing!
  4. Ability to sort gig listing on profile
  5. Better profile page
  6. Ability to confirm details provided by buyer is enough to start the delivery clock/timer
  7. Follow a person (broadcast updates to followers)
  8. Better gig description format
  9. Better instruction box format + allow attachment
  10. Ability for choose video thumbnail
  11. Search + delete emails!

    that’s it for now :slight_smile:


Mobile friendly version and/or mobile app with push notification and instant chat.

Search emails

Api integration on own website.

Better profile pages with video greeting/introduction.

More space for providing “instructions”.

A better “manage sales page” that displays the actually time each order is due (not just the date or word “today”.

Automatically detect & ban new gigs that have stolen content (title & description).


Reply to @thefacebookgeek: Vacation mode. I never thought of that. A good one indeed.

musiclover said: Mobile friendly version

I asked about the mobile version as well. Good wish list item.


Ikr. I’m always replying to messages from my phone, I even accidentally ordered a gig because its not mobile friendly.

Another feature I want, is to block people. Sometimes I get buyers who message me, and I can tell they want more than I’m offering. Instead of marking them for spam or misuse, I would like to block them from ordering my gigs. It sounds weird, but I would hate to politely turn down an order, ad have the buyer to order anyway out of spite and trying to damage my rating.


I’d like a way to provide links to other websites for samples of my work. Since I have a writing gig, I don’t exactly have a picture or video but I do have links to websites of actual work I’ve done for Fiverr.

I’d also like vacation mode and a way to reject gigs because I can tell some buyers are not going to be happy with what they get no matter what.


Quite a few, but I remember only 2 now :slight_smile:

  1. Able to leave feedback for all orders on a single page

    I’m getting so many orders that visiting every completed order (one at a time) is way too time consuming, so many gets left out without a feedback. Also, if you open too many completed orders at once to save some time, fiverr blocks your ip for a while.

  2. Allow spaces and some text stylizing in gig descriptions

    Now it’s a big wall of text everytime. Not pleasant to read, and many important points are missed out completely. Must use special characters like stars and squares to highlight parts of the wall of text.


Chat option!

Option to block someone, to order from you or to send you messages!

I wrote this cause I have a lt of problems with one user who order gigs to me and don’t want to work with me jsut ask me to cancel gigs, ofc that reflect bad on my profile and I ask support and they can’t do nothing. I don’t know what to do.

adamandtheglobe said: 2.) Photo Fiverr - A photo bank - as someone who has multiple blogs finding good photos which are creative commons is difficult. If you could buy 5 for a Fiverr and use them for whatever this would be fantastic - not only that would open a new revenue stream for both Fiverr and us.


I have literally 1000's of pictures of sunsets, clouds, airplanes, and amazing things that I see my office at 35,000 feet, that most people don't see.

OH MY the possibilities are ENDLESS. People could do the same thing as they do here, with the "Request Gigs" side bar.

" I need pictures of XYZ" and anyone can get those pictures that you need!


Most definitely an expanded profile. This is of primary importance especially for those of us who will utilize this small space to add better descriptors of not only ourselves, but our services, skills and potential expertise. It really is the only option for us as sellers to advertise ourselves effectively to the general public and to attract more buyers and business. I would love to see a somewhat integrated facebook style profile without all the social followers/friends options. Just something more robust like an online CV/resume.


Reply to @whyseoaboutseo: How about adding meta tags to our gigs. Whoa! Instant SEO! LOL

  1. Of course it’s mentioned, but it is my number one - Rich Text Gig Descriptions & Profiles.

  2. Videos/audio for Gig “Extras”

  3. “Featured Feedback” (I’d like to be able to feature one to three feedbacks into the gig description area as a “scrolling image”)

  4. “Featured Portfolio” (Same as above)

  5. “Spoiler Text” in the Gig Descriptions. Not only would I like them to be able to be much longer, but there should be the ability to do a FAQ where either upon cursor over the text shows or it expands and hides the text when needed.

  6. Links to the allowed sites of YouTube & Flicker to be “clickable” not requiring copy and past. Even better, clickable though anchor text.

  7. A “Fiverr Seller’s Blog” (with “gig” specific tag that can then be RSSed to the Gig itself)

  8. A/B Split Testing

  9. One Time Upload for repeat sent files than can be then “delivered” off a drop down box.

  10. All “Fiverr” links including all Fiverr short code domains should be auto approved for messages and not delay delivery.

  11. Messages NOT delivered to a buyer / seller should be in a third color to avoid confusion, as well as, a note saying. This message pending delivery, your recipient cannot currently read the message.

  12. Creation of a “Fiverr Superseller” Badge just like TRS for those who have that designation.

  13. Acknowledgement of the Forum Sheriffs for their diligence.

  14. A robust message system (And if the system is going to only have One History with a buyer and seller set it up with REVERSE chronology, so the newest messages are at the TOP rather than the long scroll)

  15. A robust CRM system

  16. Clarity on the “mights” of fiverr. Such as “cancellations MIGHT hurt your rating and levels”


Reply to @anarchofighter: LOL… your not asking much.