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All freelancers, i value your input, please vote here

Hey Fiverr Community!

I’m reaching out and looking for feedback from a community of freelancers and solopreneurs that may see value in what I’m doing. My goal today is to hear which of the following headlines would appeal to you most and drive you towards action.

This is a landing page headline, not the book title.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help,

  • How to create books that people want to buy, in 5 hours or less, with no experience or expertise.
  • Make money creating quality books in lightning speed, with ZERO writing experience.
  • Create high quality books, lightning fast, with ZERO writing experience or expertise.
  • Write Great Books, Super Fast, without Experience or Knowledge.
  • 10 steps to making great books that sell with ZERO writing experience.
  • Write books faster than ever imagined

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P.S. If you have suggestions on variations, please feel free to share them in comments.

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Hi Scott - in my (very) humble opinion,they’re all a bit too long, sort of title and tag line combined?
How about ‘how to write books now’?

P.S. I’m a reader not a writer. :wink:


They’re all horrible.

Try something which starts with: “Get it Write!” - Or don’t. My subconcious might have just plagiarized that from somewhere.


I agree with @offlinehelpers and @cyaxrex No bueno (not good)
Hire a brand man. You need titles that speak to people. Long boring titles + too much filler words makes me yawn.

Keep it short and sweet!


I know you didn’t ask for a critique, but I do need to ask if people buying this from you would see much value? As a professional writer myself, I’m pretty sure that people with no writing experience shouldn’t even be trying to publish books. To say that such books would be high-quality, great, or would sell feels a little disingenuous to me.

Of course, it could be that you have found an amazing way to do this, but almost every promise I have seen along these lines does not bear out well in practice.

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Worse, excessive yawning can lead to sudden death by accidental fly swallowing.

That or a person being ridiculed for eternity in a nursery rhyme.

I am pretty sure there is a fast copywriter who frequents the forum who might be able to help with this though…


You are 100% right. Sadly, though, the ebook pulp market is booming. As a result, it is possible to make a ton of money on Amazon with the right publishing technique, rather than real skill as an author.

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:bulb: I think you would be awesome at writing catchy taglines. :no_mouth:

Like they say you’ve got a knack for it. :wink:

There’s another good one on here his name rhymes with a :fish:. :smiley:


I agree with Paul here.
It depends on who’s your target audience, but all of these give the impression that writing is super easy.
It’s not and no, not everyone can become a writer :slight_smile:

I would buy a book that says “10 tips…” or “10 common mistakes to avoid…”. Something that would help me improve my writing, but zero experience tagline sets unrealistic expectations.
If you wish to help then that’s fine, but don’t give promises in the title that you can’t keep.

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Ah yes, that old forum favorite Mr. Fish Smile. - How could I forget him?

(I have no idea who you mean.)


Say what?! You’ve never heard of… :sweat_smile:

It’s right around the corner, too. Maybe pop in with some drinks or a fudged up & twisted monologue. :grin:



Sadly, my mind doesn’t work in the same way as others. In this case, my mind associates this esteemed forum users with Daenerys Targaryen and people playing in a brass band. - I don’t know why.

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When you play the Game of Fiverr, you win, or you die…

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Haha, this reminds me of this business book I read by Donald Trump. He said that he was a “best selling author” but not a “best selling writer”.

Without going into any judgment about the product or service that might or might not be offered, I guess you could crush it down a bit, like for example:

Fast And Easy Book Writing Without Hassle

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Getting positive feedback from writers about a book/course that suggests that anyone can do the skill that they have spent years honing, was never going to go well!

Anyway, your titles are all very much along the lines of those disingenuous products that are found on JVzoo and the like. If it is for that market then they are perfect.
If it is a more serious, genuine quality project then the advice shared by others here is bang on.


I have never seen this website before, and now I feel dirty in my soul…

Yes, this isnt for the book title, its a headline for a landing page to sell the book.

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I have found a way to make it very high value, regardless of the creators experience

And my intention is to get the bad authors out of the way by showing the how to remove themselves from the process.