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All gig lost rank

I got a level 1 badge on May 15th. Everything was going well. I’ve finished 99% of my orders with 5-star reviews. I have noticed from the last month that all my gigs have gone to the last page, I can’t find my gig anywhere in the Fiverr. Another thing I’ve noticed is that even if I create a new gig, it automatically goes to the last page. I share my gig on the social media platform every day. Now I don’t get any new orders.

Please help me, how I can rank my gig in the previous position. Thank you.

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You can’t. Fiverr does not guarantee that gigs will show up, where sellers want them to show up, in the search results. Gigs rotate around in the results on a frequent basis. This is how the search system operates.

Gigs rotate and the algorithm ranks based on conditions that dictate actions, not, 'you go in spot 34 and you go in spot 10."

And your level doesn’t dictate where you rank and social media posts don’t either. We’ve explained this many times.

Posting your gig to social media does not get sales. Only posting your insights to social media can do that.


Hi @ferdous_alam47, It happens tho. All those don’t guarantee it, the algorithm rotates in specific times. Just keep pushing and be hopeful it ranks again. Cheers

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but the problem is if I create a new gig, it automatically goes to the last page.

Thank you so much for your valuable comment

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The pleasure is mine, cheers

Yes, right. Really it is working for me.