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All gigs are dead

Hello Doers,

This is an SOS for help.

It’s been months since I got a message or an order on any of my Fiverr gigs, and at this point, I need all the help I can get.

Can someone please check my profile and gigs and let me know what I could do to make it right?

The first time I created my gigs in 2020, they all ranked, but since I got my first order, all my gigs went dead completely.

They are not in search results, but Fiverr keeps saying it’s visible, but I can’t find any.

I will be happy to get all the help I can.

Thank you


Hey Raven, I really recommend you read the “Welcome to Fiverr 3.0” thread made by Frank_D lately. It’s a long, long and complex read but you could absolutely start concretely speculating how and why this is happening to you specifically. Too long to explain here, but, briefly, it may be time for some gig editing and SEO.


I agree with @mattboa.

The thing is, you came at a time when Fiverr shifted gears, and it was also during the pandemic where Fiverr managed to grow its number of users 3 or even 5 times for some categories. There are a lot of people dealing with this issue, you’re definitely not alone.


Thank you very much, @mattboa. I read through it, and it was helpful.

Would you suggest that I delete all my gigs and create a new one?

Thanks, @donnovan86. I appreciate your comment.

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So this is a very common issue with most of the people I would suggest you that you need to do a proper research regarding your niche and update your keywords your gig images and pricing also try to stay as much active and responsive as you can

Always try to stay up to date regarding your niche and see what are other people in your niche doing. I would not suggest you deleting your gig I would suggest you rather do a better social media marketing or share your gig as much as you can to generate more traffic

Best of luck to you

Hope I was helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comment, @arslanmalik_gfx.

In all honesty, I have done these things but still no changes.

Perhaps, if you are an expert in optimizing gigs, you could take a look at mine and let me know what I can do.

I would appreciate it.

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No, most definitely not.

You have GIGs with reviews and that is always better than any new GIG ranking boost you will get.

But I also see you only have one GIG image in portoflio, you are not using PDF and video option, your image is not in proper dimensions and you have text in the edger that gets chopped out (you should avoid text on edges of portfolio images)

Also you have 52 reviews but very little images shown in portoflio since you do not add JPG file to your delivery.

You can do that and it doesn’t have to be image of clients file, it can be your own branding image like: " thank you for working with me", or something creative. That way you will get reviews in scroll on top of your gig profile.

You are wasting a lot of opportunities by keeping your GIGs very basic.


Thank you very much. I will go through this once again and make the changes.

Just make sure to prepare everything on the computer in folders, sleep on that and day after do the changes after you are sure you checked everything.
If you upload something and it is not fitting right, make it again and reupload, in period of 24 hours whne you make changes your GIG will not be available either way so do all that you want and need in those 24 hours to your GIGs.


Ok so I just saw you gig and profile I can see that your gig needs some improvements according to me

First of all I can see that your response time is 17 hours that is very late so you need to get that up back which is going to take some time but using the Fiverr app to respond quickly would be very helpful

Do not delete your gigs as I can see that you have reviews and these are important to build trust with a new potential client

Also I would suggest you update your gig images and make the font in white and the one with yellow gradient more visible so that when your gig is viewed in gig search it is readable even without opening the image

I would also suggest adding some pdf samples if you can of the before and after of your work

Also do update your gig description try to add the respective keywords regarding your niche and do use bold and highlighter features in the description to grab viewers attention :slight_smile:

Hope you will see some productive results from these tips :slight_smile:


As well as the avg response time issue,

Gig “I will update or rewrite your current resume” has the same gig description as “I will write CV, linkedin profile, resume and cover letter”.

Maybe the make the descriptions unique and specific to what the gig is for. eg. on the gig shown above with LinkedIn in the title you never mention LinkedIn in the gig description.


You should be able to use buyers request. View it ever so often every day. Bid for whatever work you can get. There are many people doing your type of service, so it is cut-throat.

Do a little research, go to Seller 2 and top sellers doing the same service as you. Look at the SEO tags on their profiles of their gig. You select 5 different words when creating your gig, these words are very important. I also have found that as soon as someone gives you a under 5 rating, your gig will loose it’s place.

Do you have more than one gig? Or do you just do resume writing? Why I am asking, to get traffic open as many gigs as you can. Don’t just specialize in one thing. If you do resume writing you are probably good at writing in general. You can offer a fiction or non-fiction writing service. You can offer a typing service or data entry service. There are many different types of jobs offered on Fiverr. Also make a portfolio on resumes you have completed. Remember to use the best looking ones, so that people can see what they are getting.


Thank you very much for your comment.