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All gigs are down suddenly

Hey, guys, I am here on this platform from the last 3 years and last week my all gigs go down to the bottom of the search even though my 2 gigs are on top pages and having daily 10 plus orders.But now they are on bottom even on the 100th page. I contacted the support but they didnt give me proper answer they said its normal shuffling how its possible that all gigs go to the bottom in one day.
Did anyone face this issue? Or any suggestion.


It’s seems technical problem as I faced yesterday no click. view, and impression was added in the gig, wait hope it will work when it’s get fixed @graphicszone11


I am facing it from last week.


Fiverr is not required to provide you the kind of answer that you want. The answer they provide should be sufficient. They do provide answers, even if you don’t like the answers they provide.

Fiverr is correct, though. Gigs are “shuffled” around on a regular basis, based upon gig performance. If your gigs have dropped to the bottom of the search results, then you will have to work to improve your gig performance. Based on my own experience, as well as that of many other sellers I know, once your gig performance improves, your gigs are likely to rise to the top again.

Unfortunately, just because you’ve had gigs on Fiverr for three years, does not mean you get to stay at the top of search results. The algorithm treats everyone’s gigs the same. Performance determines where any gig shows up in the search results. It would appear that your performance has dropped off, and your gigs do not currently qualify to be at the top of the search results anymore. That can, however, change, as you improve your gig, and bring in more sales and reviews.


This is most likely the case. What constitutes a drop in performance is the question as this is not always obvious.

OP it is often a mystery why this happens.


Can you share an image of your gig stats? How has this affected your Views, Impressions and Clicks?

Hello, I see you have two orders in your queue for your best selling gig.

Are you talking about that gig or one of your other ones?


That’s a pretty huge drop. That’s precisely the time when my gig went up huge and I’ve been shuffled from page 100+ to page 1 or 2. Might be a coincidence, I don’t know.


He has 10+ order in queue overall. And, how he acted with john, I don’t think he’s that kinda guy who will get what CS meant by shuffling the gigs!


Looks like they might have switched you two around. :point_left: :point_right:


It’s a strange thing how all this works, as my gig (I only have one listed) is still on page 1 of my category but the inquiries have completely stopped. There is something amiss as I normally get one or two new contacts a day. Have not had a thing from a new client for about ten days.

I am not spending time worrying about it, as I know that only gets me stressed. So I get on with the work on here and elsewhere, and just wait for the glitch to pass!


There will always be sellers who are unhappy when things are not going their way. I’m sure that if @graphicszone11 works to improve his gig performance, and, even better, chooses to market and promote his gigs to his target customers, he will be able gain more traction. He does, as you state, have orders in his queue, and, as of this post, a delivery four hours ago. Sales rise and fall. As much as we would all like to have steady sales, that isn’t always the reality of freelancing.

There will be down times, and there will be up times. We all need to develop strategies that help us go with the flow, and patience to endure the times when things are down.


Honestly, this looks pretty reasonable. From what I can tell, you’re getting around 300+ impressions still on this specific (which is quite reasonable). You were obviously not going to consistently get 3k+ impressions. That was most definitely the monthly rotation at work.

Plus, you seem to have multiple gigs in the same category which isn’t really a good idea. So rather than being mean to one of the very few people that actually know what they’re talking about (@jonbaas) maybe you can act like a proper adult and start getting your gigs on track.


firstly let me tell you that half of these fiverr agents here are talking rubbish on every single post. They know who they are!!!
its got nothing to do with performance!!! all my stats are 100% and ratings 5,

I have been affected by this issue which has been happening for over 2 months now. My gigs were on page 1 of best selling for over 3 years ( 1 gig about 1 year). 2 months ago all of them are gone to last pages of each category without any reason. Then that means all the stats dropped to 0. I have asked CS many times but they dont give a crap anymore, they reply back with some bull crap!! For over 2 months now, my gig comes back to 1st page for 1 day or few hours then disappears to somewhere at the end of pages for 3/4 days. This has been happening for 2 months now, when gig comes back to 1st page i get orders, when it doesnt then 0 orders.


Same issue with my gigs.


Why can’t I find my Gig while searching? Why is my Gig no longer in the same spot in the marketplace?

A Gig’s position in the marketplace is based on seller performance over a set period of time. Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate on a daily basis. There are many factors to take into consideration, some of which may include order cancellations, delivery rate, responsiveness, etc. There may be other Gigs currently performing at a higher rate than yours. If other sellers are ranked higher, they may be consistently getting 5 stars, delivering on time, communicating quicker, etc. This all counts. Make sure you deliver high quality, original work, avoid late deliveries and cancellations, be responsive and always keep a professional manner. Click to check your Gig status.

Found it on:

Me too had the same issue as my gigs as all my gigs went to last page on its category for few months and now its shorted out


They don’t have the answer to why gigs appear in certain places. Customer support is not told how the algorithm works.


Personally my gigs performances always looked like a roller-coaster, lots of order one week, just 1or 2 on the other, etc.

Recently I was getting lots of orders, then I had to deliver a gig late and my views and order fell a lot, now I’m working my way back up again, 1 order at a time.

I have a theory that if it’s 2 weeks or less, it’s a monthly shuffle thing and you can wait it out by focusing on something else. Arguments on whether the monthly shuffle is fair or not have been done to death but I think it makes sense to do it every once in a while.

If it’s 2+ weeks, something might be wrong. A buyer could complain in one of those anonymous reviews, the editorial focus might be shifting away from what you offer or the parameters of your gig might need some adjustment.

I turn 48 hours delivery option (in addition to the standard 3-4 days one I have) every time there is a slump in sales and most of the time, they pick up.

I’m assuming the slump is over with this one.