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All gigs are down suddenly

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I have a theory that if it’s 2 weeks or less, it’s a monthly shuffle thing and you can wait it out by focusing on something else. Arguments on whether the monthly shuffle is fair or not have been done to death but I think it makes sense to do it every once in a while.

If it’s 2+ weeks, something might be wrong. A buyer could complain in one of those anonymous reviews, the editorial focus might be shifting away from what you offer or the parameters of your gig might need some adjustment.

I turn 48 hours delivery option (in addition to the standard 3-4 days one I have) every time there is a slump in sales and most of the time, they pick up.

I’m assuming the slump is over with this one.


This is very interesting.

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I have a suspicion that fiverr favours “faster” gigs in general. It’s their thing with timers all over the place and all. Unfortunately, quality and my mental stability aren’t taken into consideration. So I’ll occasionally throw myself a “burnout 48 hours week” but for me personally, this doesn’t work long-term.

And it either wasn’t the case or was less of a case a year ago.


ok did you do anything different to bring the gigs back?

Yes, my graph looks almost identical to yours. LOL. I largely agree with jonbaas, except that some things are inexplicable. I don’t believe it always has to do with gig performance. Ideally, when new clients drop off, repeat buyers are there to keep you going. My issue this time around is that it doesn’t seem like orders from repeat buyers are having any effect. I’m sure Fiverr is tweaking the algorithm all the time. Maybe this is a result of their latest tweaking. LOL.

As a seller of 5 years here, I think we may have been spoiled by past algorithms or search structures that kept us up top on page 1. Times have changed. The way buyers can search has changed. They way they can give private feedback to Fiverr has changed. The size of the platform has changed. A lot of changes, and with those changes, we all are going to experience the ebbs and flows of life on this platform. I think it unreasonable to expect preferential treatment or to be consistently on top.


100% what @silberma1976 just said.

We have been getting complacent based on how the algo used to work.

The dynamic has shifted, they seem to have added a few more variables with different weights.

And this come from someone who had most of it figured out a couple of years back.

I now too get huge drops in placement and looong slumps in sales.

I don’t talk “crap” about it though, I work it out by breaking down the problem to what I can do and what I cannot control.

There are solutions we just don’t see them.

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Ok so what solutions would you suggest if you dont mind sharing?
i will give you my example in last 2 months i have done about 400 orders, got almost all as 5 star ratings, no cancellations, no late deliveries… i did everything to maintain a high quality and even give extra things to keep the client happy, the end result remains same for me, my gig remains on page 70th with sellers who got 0 reviews or 5-10 max. I surely be doing much better than those sellers. They have got some restriction on our accounts, no matter what i do, it wont make any difference.

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Can you link to your profile please?

Promote your gigs on social media

Please stop saying that like it works or like you even know what it means.

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link for my profile?

Hey Jonbass,
You seem knowledgeable about how things run here.

I don’t see buyer’s requests on my gig.
Do you have any suggestions that might help?
Thanks in anticipation.


This helps a lot.
I guess it would have to be work and work on my gig.

Yes which part of that wasn’t clear?

Agreed! And when the good times come, capitalize on it and try to turn the new buyers into repeat buyers!

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OK thank you for sending that over.

Before we dive i to the analytics and interpretation, I immediately spotted something you may be choosing to ignore:

While you were at the top of search results, getting those orders in, did you notice any decline in output or communication with buyers?

Because that’s exactly the story told by your negative reviews these past couple of months.

And those are just the public reviews.

nope i didnt, majority of them were basic package who wanted a premium design or additional files for free.
You reckon those reviews might have caused it?