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All gigs are suddenly at last page

Hello everyone,
I am not getting any orders from past 2 weeks ago.
All my gigs suddenly at last page.Past 2 week ago I got Level One Seller Seller tag and I was at top first page first rank on a particular I will fix wordpress issues and provide expert wordpress help, I will design professional and creative wordpress websites and I will remove malware from website . and Next day I saw that my all gigs are at last page last rank.
It’s being there for more than 2 week now. Someone should help me and let me suggest if any option to back my gig at fist page because I am not getting any order from last 2 weeks.

Thanks in advance.


It’s a common issue. For the most part of the year, my gigs too have been on last page. I’d say 9 months or so, with almost a month of first page visibility in total, usually a week or two at a time. Before that it has been constant page 1 positions. Can’t say what might be the cause, or how to remedy it. At least improving seller performance (Delivered on time, rating etc.) has nothing to do about it.

One time after editing my gig (Tags mainly), it did jump to first page for a week or so. It might have been a coincidence, as it didn’t work again afterwards. Still, something you might want to try.

Customer support also says it’s normal, but temporary. Although if almost a year is temporary to them, so might 5 years be in that case. One of my seller friends had her gigs be on last page for 2 years despite perfect seller performance.


Thanks @adsensewizard

i am facing exact same issue. I have been on page 1 of best selling for over 3 years. Everything was going perfect, no issues, no warnings, stats were good. 2 months ago my gigs are gone to last pages of each category, without any reason. Now its been 2 months my gig comes back for few hours then disappears next day for few days, then same happens every other day.
CS doesnt give a crap and not bothered. This is their way of getting rid of senior sellers.
They call it normal, how the f is that normal? my gigs with 3k+ reviews are placed at the end with sellers who got 0 reviews or 5-10 reviews max, how is that for comparison? i am still doing better than those sellers with my repeat buyers.
all my stats are 100% and 5 ratings in past 60 days. Performance got nothing to do with this!!!


Thanks @urban_creation6

Well said! I still believe if everyone who is affected by this lets support know how they feel about it, perhaps they will finally see that the sorting system needs some improvements made, or rather change it back to how it used to be. Good gigs first, bad gigs last. Not the other way around.

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Hi, since you’re a level one seller it’s safe to assume that your gigs were being given priority to promote them. Before, you would have to fight your way to the top from the last page. The fact that you were on the first page as a level one seller just goes to show how much Fiverr is doing to promote new gigs.

You have to advertise. I went through the same thing when I was starting out. You gotta advertise and build a solid client base to stay afloat. That’s just how it works.

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Thank you so much @ssj1236

I am facing same issue.:slightly_frowning_face:

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I am also facing same issue. :slightly_frowning_face:

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My gigs are not ranking I am so worried Any one help me please

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@rubinaanjum Even Support team have no idea about this issue

Did you edit your gig after having the level?

@princeraj580 No I never edit any gig before or after level.

Same issue for me for few months. But still i am getting orders from my continues buyers but no any new orders or inquiries.

@irshan_cool same here , I am getting order from existing clients but no new order from new clients.

How about your Analytics Statistic ?


Is your order completion or on time delivery rate dropped below 90% within last month ?

@irshan_cool Before I got Level One Seller my Completion rate and Order completion rate was below 90%(about 88%-89%) .