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All gigs dawn to last page

I am a level 1 sneller.i have 15 gigs,suddenly all my gigs showing to the last page of each catagory, although all of them were in first page and top side.i contact with support team and they said it’s algorithm system,but in the meantime I sell some gigs and delete than creat again but the situation remain same… Now I don’t know what should I do? Have any solution of it?


They are right, it’s the algorithm. I had my gigs on the last pages for a while, and some were only on the first page for quite some time. But they bring them back… The algorithm changes constantly.


How long was it until your gigs got back up?

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But all my 15 gigs are in this situation… They are last gig in all catagory… Even sell also not improving them at all… Algorithm should change interm of sell and activation…But my gigs are unmoved…

For 10days and they are not improving at all

How long was it until your gigs got back up? I mean, how many days/weeks did they stay on the last page?

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Last 10days… Before it all of them on the first package and top place…

It happens that way at times.
I will advice you start advertising your gig on social media and forums for the time being.

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How did you know this? I just saw your post about completing your ‘first’ order…

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I am a level 2 seller on fiverr

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Oh, alright :slight_smile: My bad

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For me it was 2 days.


Give it time. There just shuffling the pack

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