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All Gigs denied

Hello everyone,
All gigs denied. They said gigs not met editorial focus. Anyone happened this today? thanks

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What kind of gigs were they?


Based on this post, I’m wondering if it’s the English in the gig. Maybe it’s not clear. Try to get someone to word the gig for you. Maybe post what you had here and someone can assist you.


Not meeting editorial focus means it was some kind of gigs that are not what they want to have on the site.


Okay, maybe he can share more of what he was offering.

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Have a look at the OP’s avatar image - it’ll help explain what kind of gigs he had! :sunny::wink:

Fun ones! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m surprised if they are shutting those down.

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Maybe a very belated reaction to PewDiePie’s video?

Or moving away from fun stuff, and offering professional services only? Though that would be silly, these videos can be sent as fun gifts.

Perhaps the OP has shown an inappropriate message?


funny guys are still here and it sounds very similar to that.

I see he was eating watermelon and finding a message in it and climbing up a tree to find a message in a coconut.

I would love to know what the exact reason was.


Me, too. It looks harmless.


Funny thing is the cached version still has the ‘proceed to order’ button visible, reviews etc. which removed gigs usually don’t?


Maybe it was this in his profile:

I started fiverr in 2012. I lost my old accounts. So i started this account.

Five orders in his queue in the cached version too. It seemed to be popular.

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I can see the video of eating watermelon in this cached version and it looks harmless:

I hope fiverr keeps the fun. It’s unique on the internet.

edit: I just watched a couple of the videos he made and they had me :rofl:


hi there,
sorry guys for delay to reply. My gig were funny promotional gigs. Then banned all gigs. I saw most of buyer’s gigs denied. After contact them ,their answer is “your gigs were not in editorial focus. So add new gigs with unique and creative ideas” . They not explain how seller improve gig quality and other things. Only doing banning. I did all unique videos. no idea now

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This is fiverr reply to denied gigs

Irrelevant to the marketplace - It seems your Gig is not appropriate for the Fiverr marketplace. We suggest that you do some research to see what type of Gigs do well and are in demand by our buyers.”

I experienced it too. I’ve had my gig for over a year and it’s just holding a message under water. Suddenly this week they took it down and said it’s irrelevant. But another gig that offers the same service is still there, not denied. I don’t understand…

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hi liz, i remember you. Yes my problem is same like your. Because they denied our unique gigs. but still some sellers offering same service in fiverr. its the problem. Why they treating us like this. I am really disappointed

This is the reply i got yesterday from fiverr customer support jay.

"Jay Yesterday at 18:13

That is correct, the gigs that you had are no longer in our focus. You must find something else to sell on Fiverr that is different than what you previously sold.

You must figure out what skills you have in categories that are more business oriented for example. Look at the marketplace and see if anything fits your skill set.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to give you any additional direction, this is something only you can do based on your abilities."

THEY TELLING US TO DO ANYTHING ELSE. BUT we offered gigs from our skill. 99% buyers were very satisfied about our service . I am really disappointed now

THIS IS ANOTHER REPLY FROM FIVERR CUSTOMER SUPPORT . They told no more sign gigs allow to do. but still buyers doing sign gigs. Why they doing like this for part of sellers.

"Jay Yesterday at 18:35

Any sign gigs like you had and stuff written on your body gigs will not be allowed. We are removing all of these gigs and it’s going to take some time until this is completed.

You need to do something completely different now, try something more for businesses."