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All gigs disappeared from search results

I have been on fiverr for quite some time and I have been working very hard for my customers. I have never received a negative review and never had a bad experience with any customer. I never violated any term or condition on fiverr.

Everything had been perfect but recently ALL OF MY GIGS HAVE Disappeared from search results. My gigs used to appear on the first page and I worked very hard to get them there. Note that my gigs have not been moved to a different page but have completely disappeared from search. Not even a single one but all of them. The gigs only apper on search when I’m online from my laptop. As soon as I logout, all my gigs are gone from result. Because of this I have not been receiving any new orders as well

I contacted fiverr support system but haven’t received a reply. This is very devastating for someone like me who worked very hard for such a long time. I honestly hope and expect fiverr support to solve this issue otherwise It is not only sad but very humiliating too.



Contact to customer care maybe it’s some error

I have. I a waiting for their reply


They do appear in search though

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That must be on the 18th page with the rest of my best selling gigs. Let me explain :When I search ‘minimalist youtube banner’ on fiverr while I’m online. My best selling gig appears on the first page . As soon as I logout of fiverr on my laptop, my gig shifts from 1st to 18th, 19th page. Does that make sense? Do I have to be online 24/7?
This is not with this gig only, It’s the same with the rest. For example I search “cartoon youtube banner” when I’m online from my laptop then my other bestselling gig appears on first page, as soon as I logout, it’s gone to the last page. This does not make sense to me


@asminakter121 if you dont have a solution please stop writing contact customer care in every post. Thanks


This is normal thing for me now. But one thing for sure your gigs will come back within 1-2 weeks of time. I also facing the same issue. My gig was at 2nd or 3rd page always. Sometimes it disappeared for at least 1 week and come back again. It happened to me 3 times now. Idk why it keep happening since they didn’t do it manually. But don’t worry your Gig will come back again.

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@kvnpaine It is not normal. I have same problem last 4 months, But every month 2 or 3 time (just one or two days) gig are going to normal then again push back on last page. I contact CS many time, but the are can’t make any solution and know me skipped answer. I am really unhappy. also the problem many seller yet. So I think its a bug but Fiverr maybe know

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The solution is simple here. There’s no issue. You can blame this on Covid, a lot of people lost their jobs and now they are dealing with a lack of work. As a result, they create a Fiverr gig and hope for the best. In Articles and Blog Posts where I have my gigs the number of gigs is more than double when compared to 6 months ago, all due to Covid. So… the algorithm rotates gigs.


Because of fiverr complex ok many people best seller but in every day many newbie come.they create gigs and they also try for reach 1 page.first page contain 48 gigs fiverr give everyone one’s opportunity for sell they’re service.hope you understand :grinning:

Fivers always keep active user gig in first page. Maybe if you active now as like previous. maybe its come back again. maybe its take a lot of time.

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Same for me!! I don’t even know how deep my gig is buried. I can’t find it.
That happened when i’ve set an order limit. After that impressions dropped from 1500 per day to 50.
Total dissaster.


Yup, this is me too. Been on Fiverr over a year, with my gig on the front page for the last 9 months. Now, it only shows up if you search for my exact name. No amount of pages or filters (Male, local, online, etc) make a difference. Customer Support said they couldn’t do anything.

The only people that contract me now for work are previous clients. It all started with the addition of the Promoted Gig option, which is highly suspicious. Apparently there’s nothing anyone can do and it’s the worst. Being punished for being a great seller stinks.

Yes, I am new user in Fiver and my gigs are also not in the search (It hurts, since I can’t even start my first steps

I have been suffering from the same problem as you for three months. And also I didn’t get the expected response from FCS. Still surviving for some of the former regular customers! :sob:

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I know. I’ve been dealing this since April and this is the third time lost my gig. I think it’s a bug. But we have to get use to it until they fix it. And no matter how good you perform it will disappear and will come back within 2 weeks of time. I found that if got many orders at once will come back. Basically return buyers can help. Plus I found that for different users from different countries our gig shows different pages. Like even though my search result it didn’t show some buyers can actually find it in their search result. I asked some of my buyers how they found my gig and they said it was in suggestion or first page of their result. So keep for a hope. Gig will come back anyway. And customer support won’t help us. I also emailed them many times. But always their answer is same.

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Hi. I am currently facing this issue too. My gigs suddenly disppeared from search results, early August. I have been going back and forth with customer support since that time, but no hope yet. I only appear when I use two filters, LOCAL SELLERS and ONLINE. I appear on the last page for these filters.

My audio editing gigs have been on first page since 2016. Fiverr support felt I want my gigs back on first page of search results but that is not the case, I just want my gigs to appear in one of the 21 pages of PODCAST EDITING sub-category.

I have been always been a great seller, no record of negative feedback, I deliver an average of 100 orders every single month so this is not an issue of not being an active seller. I hope fiverr recognises this issue real soon as their support don’t seem to understand the issue we are facing no matter how hard I explain.

I also have a couple of friends facing this issue too.

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My best selling gig had disappeared for more than 6 weeks. I asked help from customer support, they told my everything was fine, my gig was active, but no matter which key word I used, I could not find it. I even tried to copy other sellers gig title and use it as mine, and then the other seller’s gig shown easily but my gig still disappeared. Now, I am a blind man walking in the dark night, and this situation still go on and on…No new messages, no business, I just make a living supported by regular customers’ order. :weary:

Don’t worry because its totally normal. Fiverr usually rotatw all the gigs because otherwise new seller will not get any orders.

Complete your orders from previous customers and try to get 5star reviews. Try using buyer requests and they will again take your gig back to top.

As I heard in first few months fiverr promote our gigs then we have to make a permanent customer base because they are giving chances to new sellers.

Hope this will be important for you!

Good luck and keep up the good work!