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All gigs disappeared since 30 days

please read my comment with open eyes, fiverr give me leval 1 badge on 15th of june, and then after few days my all gigs including best selling gig completely disappeared from search its been 30 days since my gig disappeared and not appear yet, no message no order, before disappearing i recived orders regulerly on only one gig, so should i Delete other gigs, what should i do now to overcome from this situtions?? i also contact cs but they says

I understand your concern, but not to worry, I am here to help! After checking everything, I can see that there is nothing wrong with your account or your gigs. then why i cant find gig while searching, my gig was on first page before disappearing, looking forward for valuable suggestions.


My best selling gig has disappeared too and CS is not helping. I’ve tried some things like changing the tags and pictures and it still doesn’t appear, I think this doesn’t have a solution


I am also suffering same problem , almost 900 projects completed here and now suffering this kind of problem but still CS team doesn’t help me out. What is going on actually

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sorry to hear that, i can feel the pain :disappointed_relieved:

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waiting for solutions, its hurting

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Same problem here… :cry:

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Same problem with me.

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I have completed more that 3k orders and its been 4 days I’m facing same issue. and SORRY to say Fiverr Customer support is not a help. they are not even responding and closing the tickets without even replying. I do not why the support is if they can’t resolve sellers problems


:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
I’m heart broken

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Have you get your gig back in search?

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They don’t help because this is not a problem. Everyone is dealing with this because the number of sellers has doubled or even tripled on Fiverr. The Fiverr algorithm is trying to showcase everyone, because everyone deserves a chance. I have 14k+ reviews and I am still removed from search, they bring me once in a while. It all started since the coronavirus pandemic hit and a lot of people started to create gigs on Fiverr.

So, it’s obvious that the system is working as intended. There’s nothing Fiverr can fix. Also, it can take up to 10 days for customer support to reply, again… due to the large number of inquiries.

To be honest, this is related to the algorithm, so any question to customer support regarding this will just waste time. It’s easy to see why they take 10 days to reply if everyone is asking them where are their gigs…

Go to, select “My Gig doesn’t appear in search” and then pick the gig. It will show that it’s in search most likely. That’s because no two people have the same search results.

You don’t understand the problem.
I’ve been facing the same issue for the past week or so.
It’s not about gigs rotation, it’s about gigs disappearing from everywhere.
For example, a week ago, there were 56 search results against a keyword, and now there are 55. My gig has disappeared. Where is it? Lord knows!
This is not the bloody rotation, this is a complete mess.
All of my gigs just disappeared suddenly.

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My main gig dropped from consistent 500-600 impressions daily to 50-100 daily. Either Fiverr did something with algorithm or analytics are bugged.

Not to mention my other gigs lol

I don’t know if the poor Fiverr is working correctly.
Every time I refresh, it comes up with new fonts.

Yeah same stuff there, they have some problems with CSS files

How can I misunderstand the problem when I had it too??? My gigs were fully removed from search during the entire month of August. So I know this very well, I had the issue myself.

Did you check and see if Fiverr has it in search? Did you use the link I shared in my comment? If it shows that your gig is in search, then there’s nothing you can do.

Also, just because you don’t see it, that doesn’t mean your gig is not seen by other people. It is gig rotation…

Feel free to not take anything I said into consideration if that’s what you want. As far as I am concerned, I know it’s all gig rotation, and stressing out customer support randomly like this is what leads to those very long waiting times for people that actually need assistance. Not having the gig in search isn’t an issue, because 99% of the time the gig is active, you just don’t see it

The fact that you are getting impressions means you are in the search results. They just pushed you behind so other people can get some spotlight… Which is ok.

is your gig back now?

It goes back and forth. It removes me all the time, then it pushes me back, then they remove me again.

It’s normal due to gig rotation.

I’ve checked it using the link, and this is what they are saying from over a week now. Fiverr itself is saying that my gigs are not showing up in search results; they need to be reviewed by Fiverr.
This is what I am talking about that it’s not rotation. Zero impressions! Zero clicks!
I’ve contacted CS, but they haven’t responded yet. I don’t know when they are going to review my gigs.