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All gigs slots full, or not?

I wonder what’s better

  1. Full 20 slots filled by gigs?


  1. Delete all not performing gigs well and leave only those profitable?

I am asking, because I have a theory, that your gigs are showing in a top places on Fiverr top pages and search in waves, so they are rotating, sometimes at the bottom, sometimes at the top. I can see it because my clients coming to me in some strange waves. So wouldn’t be better do delete not profitable gigs and leave the “good ones” to increase the chance of showing the gigs more often in a higher position?

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I don’t know about your question, but others seem to agree with your theory (I think @misscrystal has written about this).

I’m still pretty new to selling, but starting to think this is plausible. Last night for about 30 minutes or so, I got a ton of inquiries. One after the other. Then they just stopped. Could be a coincidence, I guess.

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Yea, that might be this gigs rotation thing.