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All Gigs suddenly went from first page to last page. It’s been 2 months!

Hey guys, I dont know if any of you ever faced this issue with fiverr. My gigs had been on the first page for two months (those two months were my first two months on fiverr). During those two months, I can get 10 orders or more per day. But suddenly, after those two months…all of my gigs went to the last page. Not ONE gig, not TWO gigs, ALL gigs. I have tried everything like contacting the fiverr support, changing the gig image, changing the gig title…but nothing seems to work. The fiverr customer service is extremely frustating to deal with. They always respond with an automated message with clearly doesn’t answer my question. I visited several forums and see that some people faced similar issue but the difference is…not ALL of their gigs went down the the last page. I dont know how fiverr algorithm works, I also understand if fiverr decides to rotate gigs regularly, but its really unfair to leave us in the dark…its unfair to send ALL of my gigs to the last page (its been 2 months tht all of my gigs are on the last page and Im a level one seller already). I wonder if any of you faced similar issue?

Hello digital markett,
I have been facing the same issue with Fiverr for the last two months.
I don’t know what to do, can anyone please solve this problem?

Thank you.
Kenil Savaliya.