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All gigs suspended

Last week I had a bad experience with a buyer, long story short, he demanded the premium version and a gig extra after ordering only the basic $5 version, to avoid the trouble I sent him a cancellation request after I delivered the basic version, this way I would also avoid a bad review… he declined the cancellation request, so in the end after a lot of back and forth, I had to make the premium version and the extra he wanted, all for free, only to get him to agree to cancel the gig. Now after that order I never had any other order which is unusual as I normelly have a few orders each day, so I checked and in my gig’s page i now get a message saying “We’re working on getting your Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views back online. No worries - your Gigs are active, and all the metrics are calculated as usual.”.At some point the buyer had told me he reported me to fiverr, so I wonder if this is why my account is kind of suspended? it would be quite a coincidence this happened after that bad experience so I am sure that must be the reason, I just contacted customer support about it but now I worry that I will have my account suspended for several more days, which is a big damage for me considering I have a few orders a day. I have thousands of happy customers, it’s crazy that all it takes is one insane buyer to ruin it all


Your account is active and you have 19 gigs that can be purchased.

Check this out: Gig analytics “N/A”