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All gigs went to last page solution

Anyone found solution of All gigs went to last page.
Any recover gigs back to actual position?
Whenever I paused gigs and gigs came in actual position and again gigs went to last page.

Any solution?

The most likely way to recover from this is to improve your gig performance. This is the likely solution, because, as Fiverr themselves have stated to many people, many times, your gigs show up in search results based upon their performance and how well you meet your metrics (as well as the hidden metrics we will never know). Be a better seller, and deliver top-quality work, on time, that earns positive reviews. This will likely improve your chances of not being “ranked” on the last page.

Be aware too, that there are no guarantees that your gig will be ranked anywhere within the search results. Be a great seller, and let the algorithm do it’s thing. You cannot control the Fiverr search algorithm or where your gig will show up.

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