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All Gis disappeared to the last page

Hey there, I am a level 2 Fiverr seller. Unfortunately since 3 days all my gigs went to the last page or I can just find the with 5 filters…
My impressions went suddenly almost to zero as well as my link clicks.

I did not get any bad review or delivered to late…

Has someone experienced similar things or any solutions for that issue

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Do a search of the forum. This is another question that gets asked multiple times daily.


Unfortunately nobody could find a solution yet, maybe someone solved the problem.

I faced the same issue and cs is not helping. I have working more than 2 years and completed almost 4000 orders and good ranking but suddenly everything has been ignored and cant see myself in search.

Hey there, I am sorry about that. And you could not find any solutions yet or?

Not yet. I’m just waiting for a miracle. because I know people who could not get their gig ranked back since a year. how can people better services when they wont get new chance? because its been 1 year they didnt get any new order

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