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All I did was change the price of one gig, now orders are at a screeching halt again?!


Why would me changing the price of one gig bring all sales to a sudden halt? For what purpose?

Fiver I am not trying to trick you. I just wanted to increase a price on my gig.


Big concern of mine too. I’m thinking of lowering my word count from 250 to 200 for voice over now that I’m level 2 (which probably won’t last anyway with new rules), but I’m worried that my already slow sales will get even slower.


I need to try a few different prices. I can’t do that without losing money, for a month at a time at least.


Tis why the only way is to create new gigs and slowly move your existing clients over to them.

Edit Gig = Death

New Gig Creation = Life


I wanted to up the price on the three best sellers but that’s counter productive in the extreme.

Fiverr needs to stop this idea that if we change anything we are trying to trick the search.


I have had this problem, too :frowning:


This is a problem… I want to edit my gig to improve its description and add better samples of my work, but I won’t do it because I know it’ll make my gig disappear or decrease my messages because of low ranking… :frowning: I already have low sales, I don’t want to make it worse.


I just did the same thing, in fact, now my gig is totally MIA and I’ve had to contact CS - tried it on one… won’t do it again, anytime soon!:zipper_mouth_face:

Between that, and not appearing online for whatever reason, this is getting special.


The funny part is, they used to encourage this. Months back, I complained to CS that my Gig wasn’t visible in search results, and they outright told me I should edit my description frequently to stay in search.


Yes the entire time I’ve been here that was the way to stay visible, to edit the gig.

Now it’s the opposite. For some reason we are not supposed to edit gigs now.

I really need to try different pricing models. But each time I do, my sales stop completely.


Oh, this is bad news! I took October and November off to work on my own books, and now I’m back and changed up a few things in my gigs to better align with my services…and indeed, I’m not seeing my gigs anywhere on the site–not even pages into my category–nor am I getting any orders but from clients I’ve already worked with. I have earned many thousands of dollars and given Fiverr 20% of that for the past three years, and now this? I really wish Fiverr wouldn’t do things that hurt their most reliable, best selling sellers!

I don’t want to just start over and add a new gig that doesn’t show my 1k+ 5-star reviews. What can we do about this?


Just wait it out and hope that eventually your gigs will again get sales.


Thank you. It’s not a bad time for work to be a bit slow, with the holidays and all. But I am feeling the $$$ pinch and hoping it gets better soon! I hope so for you too. You are definitely one of the most dedicated sellers on here and I know you should be having no trouble getting lots of orders!


Thank you. I did well the first two weeks of the month so I decided to make a tiny price change, knowing sales would stop. It’s quite remarkable to go from such huge sales to none suddenly, all due to raising the price of one gig. The sales stop on all gigs because of it.


Ugh! Well, at least it’s good to know why this is happening. And hopefully we can get it changed!


I second this, editing a gig is as good as shooting it in the head.


Idk, I edited all of mine, and I am still getting tons of new clients…


Yes this is true. Editing new gig is the best way for listing. However you should think about that if you create new gig which is same as one of your gig because there wont be reviews.


Your still new, it’s way more severe for sellers that are used to multiple orders in a single day.


Two days ago I got 5 orders in a single day. I get on average 2 new orders a day.