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All I wanted was a simply intro

This was my first and by my expereince, might be my last buy on this site. I order a viking themed intro, the guy gives me a pirate one. Okay … honest mistake since he may not know what bazurk or berzerker is. fine I get that. Then after he fixes it he gives me the game of thrones music as backround music (that i paid extra for). When I explain that this is breaking copyright laws he then agrees to remove it. Listen, if your willing to give me copyrighted matieral, I end the order there. I asked twice to cancel only to get run around and have to open a dispute with PayPal to get my money back. He then cancels the order and I am left with my money in limbo and an intro I cant use without possibly being sued. Please tell me where I went right here now that I have an account thats suspended due to me trying to follow the law!!

You are not allowed to open a dispute with Paypal over your Fiverr funds. That’s against TOS and can have your account terminated.

Respectively contact support for further assistance. They will assist you and if it’s indeed the case - open a copyright case and may have the seller terminated (and your money back)

Best of luck
:bulb: Joe

Well I closed the dispute right after the order was canceled. FINALLY. But since I am a very new buyer on here I was unaware of the TOS all I knew is I had a buyer trying to sell me copyrighted matieral and already had my money. I have since reported the copyright info to fiver and closed the paypal dispute. Hopfully this doesnt end in me losing my money or account.

That’s the perfect step to take.

Let me know what happens!

:bulb: Joe

Thank you for your support. Typically when it states “for commercial use” I should not have to worry about anything being copywritten correct? As I said I am very new to this site.

Hi Dave, you have all my sympathies, starting with that personally I´d not even get it if I want vikings and am given pirates ;), maybe Customer Support will understand your situation, though you should make sure to read the TOS now, as you agreed to them, when you opened your account, you´ll find Fiverr’s stance on IP/copyright issues and other useful information in the TOS:

Thank you I will. But honestly if they suspend my account for opening a paypal dispute when I asked for a refund on a copywritten song backround, twice and was declined, I am not sure i’d want to be part of a website that wouldnt back a buyer under those cercumstances. Granted I will admit I should of read the TOS but honestly speaking, how many of us do? lol… but your right.

You are 100% correct though Fiverr is a platform with INDIVIDUAL sellers. We sellers have a choice of delivering copyrighted material or not. Fiverr does not endorse this behaviour what so ever.

You’re right, but that was your choice :wink:

:bulb: Joe

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Sorry you have had a bad experience and I commend you for having a no tolerance approach to those trying to break copyright law.
There are two mistakes that new buyers on Fiverr make all the time and which cause constant problems for them.
1. Not reading the ToS. I know most of us are used to not reading these things but the Fiverr ToS is different. It is laid out in reasonably simple language, in good sized text and in different sections so you can avoid parts that are not relevant to you as a buyer. It will also help you understand how to deal with it when things go wrong.
2. Not differentiating between Fiverr the platform and the individual sellers who offer their services through that platform. You asked a seller to cancel an order, not Fiverr. A seller tried to give you copyrighted material, not Fiverr etc. When you deal with a seller you deal with an individual and if you are still unhappy with that seller having tried to resolve the situation, you can go to Customer Support. CS represent Fiverr and crucially, they are the ones with the authority to cancel an order and take action against a seller without the seller’s agreement. They can rule in your favor and the seller cannot do anything about it.

Fiverr suspends the accounts of users who file Paypal disputes but as you have cancelled that your account should be restored soon. Fiverr have their own internal mechanism for disputes between sellers and buyers and using Paypal disputes instead means you are bypassing Fiverr and the ToS - it is fair enough for them to suspend accounts in this case.

This SHOULD be the case however as the sellers are individuals, some may try to pass work off as theirs. Be vigilant about this and double check it. Ask the seller directly if you are suspicious and if they claim something is theirs which isn’t then you have a very simple case to report to Fiverr.