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All is right again

I feel better now, all is right again, I’m 100% overall, 5.0 on every sale and every gig… Like 18 sales, I think, 5 sales today would have been 6 but someone just ordered and never gave details after(they still might) I wonder how many gigs ill do today, and several were 10 $ ones, so I’ll be match a decent donation today, great…Hmmm, oh well…

And I been selling 8 days now I think it is, or is it 7 On to level 2 I guess…


Congrats! Glad to see some positive energy! Wish you the best.

Congrats buddy!

almost 2 lvl 2 now, actually if it dont slow down ill bust 2 and be wide open to TS its crazy 13 yesterday, 20 tody, 17 in cues, but i got 3 days onthem its like jesh, good, but tirrrring!



Good to hear!

Busted level two like a bad habit, I need to slow it downnn! :wink: hehe Level 2, thought id get more, lets try for TS soon see what its all about…