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All is well, But No Orders

Hello all, Hope you’re doing well. I’m a level 1 seller and full-time freelancer at fiverr. For the last 16 days I didn’t get any messages or orders. I already asks this issue on fiverr forum to get some tips to improve my gigs. But Still I didn’t even get a single order.

What I did:

  • I send buyer requests everyday.
  • Spending more time on fiverr to become online seller
  • Promoting my gigs into social media platforms and former clients
  • Improving my gig with attractive seo description and strong call to action

What my gig did:

  • Shows in first page results while searching for targeted competitive keyword.
  • Impressions, clicks, views are increasing everyday
  • rated good by several clients to make my gig more attractive

My gig analytics are increasing day by day but I didn’t get any orders/ messages. Is anyone facing my issue.
Which is simply **

All is well, but no orders

I’ve patience and self motivated mind to wait for orders. I need to know that any other sellers facing this same issue?

When you get orders, then say all is well!

I hope this will happen soon. I see that You too got your last order a week ago. Right?

When you haven’t orders, it means you need to improve your gig, because isn’t well.

Yes, I have modified my gigs yesterday, when there’s no orders, I verify them monthly.