All message in inbox disapear?


omg, i just found out that all my mess history with buyer was wipe out, don’t know what happen with fiverr today, so strangle

anyone like me?


Perhaps the buyer’s account was deleted? If you put it you will see your own profile, but if you substitute the buyers username for yours, you should see the buyer’s profile. If it is missing or you see a message about the account not existing, that could be the answer.


same happened to me…

I prepared a pdf with so much hard work and effort and it got deleted all.

Please help me…


omg, i just noticed the same thing has happenned to me. Furthermore, the option to attach files to deliver to clients has dissappeared as well! I cannot deliver work to my client and the deadline is on my head.

FIVERR ADMINS please immediately resolve this. this is not fair at all!


Ok, if there are three of you, you are all going to have to assume that this is a bug or outage that Fiverr is probably aware of and there are probably many others have issues.

I just looked at the gigs for @dusuacangmon and @cordial_writer and I also see no orders in queue for either of you. It is very late at night in the part of the U.S. where I live and since some staff members are in similar time zones, that may slow down this process even more. I’m sorry this is happening but honestly if there is nothing you can do for now, you will just have to rely on Customer Support to help with the issue when they can. They are probably being flooded with support tickets due to some of the other current outages. Try to be calm and wait this out. Try your messages again occasionally, but otherwise just realize you are not the only ones affected. Hang in there!

To all of you - I’ve passed a message along to a staff member who is not online right now, but I am sure the message will eventually get through. Don’t forget - if you open a ticket, only open ONE and be polite and calm. You may want to check the support Twitter feed as well and see if there is an update. I just checked and there is no update yet and I have to take some time to sleep shortly. One more suggestion for you all. If you have access to the Fiverr app on Android or iOS, you might see if you can send messages through the app.


Same problem here. Been dealing with a seller who didn’t complete the work on time, the gig was marked as completed, but it was never delivered. The seller has since completed the work but its in the messages, which I now have no access to.


I was stunned to see the same in my account suddenly today. I’m really scared and submitted a support ticket out of this.
A buyer accepted my custom offer and paid, I don’t see any update in my dashboard. I already have done the work for the gig, but how to deliver! I didn’t get the order in my dashboard!

Have you experienced the same too? If not I’m in the worst scenario now :frowning:


I have opened a SINGLE ticket with Custom Support. Lets hope this gets resolved before the deadline is over for two of my gigs that are pending. I have finished the work but am unable to deliver due to the issue with the fiverr website, which does not show me a button to browse files and attach them for delivery.


@fonthaunt: Thank you for your kindness


Ive noticed it too. CS are aware- just wait it out. I trust the messages will re-appear shortly! Ive noticed fiverr is really buggy these days between messages not sending, delivered orders marked as to-do, 502 errors and now this…? Come on fiverr team fix those bugs please! :slight_smile:


Here is how it appears on my end when i click on the Deliver button. As you can see, there is no option to browse and attach any file. Thus i cannot deliver! If anyone is facing the same issue, then kindly share your experience here and also open up a support ticket with fiverr to make sure they resolve this asap.

It is interesting to note that the file browse/attach feature is working on this forum but not on the main site where you have to deliver to clients.

I just noticed that even normal file browse/attachment function for attaching files with messages to clients on gigs, is missing too!


the message history with buyer are wipe out, the conversation still remain…

if you guy have same problem, it mean fiverr are in update or sth


@fonthaunt: according to my knowledge about the rules of fiverr, i cannot post any external links to clients. by dropbox, i am assuming its some external file storage service. correct me if i am wrong?

When i click on the “Send” button after typing a message to client in the gig thread, it gets stuck. nothing happens. same thing happens in the inbox. It is weird. Furthermore, a i completed a gig yesterday for a client. That report was sent successfully but now i have not been able to hear anything from the client despite my messages to them. Furthemore, they have not marked the gig as complete either. I am not aware, if this is a fiverr glitch as well?

This is really very frustrating. I have 3 projects in the pipeline. One delivered already without any response and 2 finished already but unable to deliver due to the missing browse/attach file button in the Deliver window.


Same here! But when I logged in from MAC book pro, there is no issue like that. But there is another problem in our profile page. Have a look. :slight_smile: :open_mouth:


I tried through my IPAD 4 and the button to browse and attach files for delivery in the “Deliver” window is missing from there as well! So far i have tried on 2 laptops and my IPAD. To no avail!


What is really irresponsible, is the fact that fiverr support services have not informed any of their users about this major technical fault, nor have they put it up as a notice on the fiver website.

This cannot be classified as a minor fault. It puts the work, credibility, funds and deadlines of all the users at risk.


Me too. Everything was gone my dashboard, order page and all the message. I think It would be a technical problem of FIVERR


Experiencing same thing here, all messages gone, I cannot access anything, account landing page looks half empty…


UPDATE: MY INBOX BACK TO NORMAL, got back history mess.


Reply to @cordial_writer: I would suggest you check on the buyer’s name in the way described above. Since it seems to be happening to both of you, it might not hurt to open a Customer Support ticket and ask Fiverr staff. As far as the forum goes, you need to pick one spot to post about a topic and not place duplicate posts elsewhere. Duplicates are typically removed.