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All messages disappeared!


I can no longer answer messages, except on a phone.

Tested is several ways in several browsers:

When I click on all messages:

In a different browser:

Do not work Inbox
I cannot access my inbox

Same here, they do appear on the mobile app though


My dashboard is gone as well.


Mine are back.


It’s gone again


I replied a client around 10 minutes ago. Than I see this post & went to check my inbox !! now they are gone as well lol
Edit: looks like it’s ok now.


Yeah , Now working :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I am also having the same problem…
But, as I don’t use fiverr on Mobile Phone, so I can say something about it’s status on Mobile Phone. But, really I’m totally frustrated that I can not see any conversation/messages, as they suddenly disappeared. I don’t know why this has been happened to me as well as many of others like you, but fiverr should see and resolve this problem as sooner as it can. Or if it is updating some back-end systems, then it had have to inform us all by email or some notification, because its not fair at all.


Mine back too! Thanks Fiverr!


Looks like my messages are gone again. This is rather weird.


Same here, looks like Fiverr Dev Team working on that.


Yeah , Again :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Same issue here.
Maybe Fiverr update inbox section or test something.


They are back. Yeeee… :slight_smile: :smile: