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All my gig have gone from the first page to the last page

I went out of the Fiverr two months ago, 10 days later I came back to the Fiverr again, then I saw my brochure gig go from the first page to the last page. I contact Fiverr support and they tell me that if I do well in my preference, then my gig will come back to the previous place. I work that way. But I haven’t got my gig back to its previous place yet. I have been waiting for the last 2 months but I have not got any good results. I think this is the Fiverr algorithm bug.

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I also faced the same issue and my gigs never come back to that place. :disappointed_relieved:

i think this will be help you Current state of things, Frank's POV

Are you back your gigs?

Yes, My gig came back to my original position.

Can you tell me, what you did to bring Gig to come back to the previous position?

Actually I didn’t do anything. When my gig was de ranking I just remained patient at that time and I didn’t edit my gig.

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