All My Gig Videos Denied Out of Blue


All my Gig videos all of a sudden are denied. I have had them all up since the Gigs start, which in some cases was a couple of years ago. Go to your Gigs and check. I never knew until I went to edit the Gig, and you click the dropdown menu to see stats, and it showed the video was denied. I contacted CS to find out why. So effin strang.


Strange indeed, if without any notification. I only have 1 gig with a video (just a bit of animated text), I checked from an anonymous browser, it´s up. Curious to hear what they’ll say.


Me. too. They are looking into it and will get back to me.


What gigs were these? I see 4 x writing gigs when I look at your profile. What others have been denied?


I think he means that he had a video on each one of his gigs and they all got denied out of the blue.



Yeah, but I was assuming that if a video would be denied a gig would be denied also. Mine have when I have had a video denied but that has been on newly created gigs, not existing gigs.


Pinned for visibility so people will check their gigs.


The gigs videos for those gigs were denied after being live for years in most cases.


Customer Service is saying they are looking into why with their team. Just odd. I will update when I get an a response with detail. I deleted one thinking I could upload it again only to realize I do not have it. So I am down one video if they approve the others.


They restored them up with no explanation