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All My Gig Videos Denied Out of Blue

All my Gig videos all of a sudden are denied. I have had them all up since the Gigs start, which in some cases was a couple of years ago. Go to your Gigs and check. I never knew until I went to edit the Gig, and you click the dropdown menu to see stats, and it showed the video was denied. I contacted CS to find out why. So effin strang.


Strange indeed, if without any notification. I only have 1 gig with a video (just a bit of animated text), I checked from an anonymous browser, it´s up. Curious to hear what they’ll say.

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Me. too. They are looking into it and will get back to me.


What gigs were these? I see 4 x writing gigs when I look at your profile. What others have been denied?

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I think he means that he had a video on each one of his gigs and they all got denied out of the blue.


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Yeah, but I was assuming that if a video would be denied a gig would be denied also. Mine have when I have had a video denied but that has been on newly created gigs, not existing gigs.

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Pinned for visibility so people will check their gigs.

The gigs videos for those gigs were denied after being live for years in most cases.

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Customer Service is saying they are looking into why with their team. Just odd. I will update when I get an a response with detail. I deleted one thinking I could upload it again only to realize I do not have it. So I am down one video if they approve the others.

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They restored them up with no explanation