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All my Gig Went down 1st to exact last in result

A few days ago i was in the first in Game graphics and Game Trailer service since i join Fiverr. In this month starting i got TOS violation warning and all my Gig went down on last page. Does anyone face this kind of issue before? And how can i get back in top again? Please assist if you have any idea.


Can you tell us what was the reason of TOS violation was. Then we can help you.

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TOS is that i delivered empty order. Since i completed the task on time but don’t know how it’s not showing in Order. Later i sent file to buyer and Buyer also left 5star ratings but in first delivery it showing empty order.

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I don;t understand if you attach file how come empty. ok Now you have to SEO and update you gig every day. I hope within a few days your gig will come first page.

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Do NOT update your gig every day, or it will never appear in search again. Every time you edit, it’s removed from search until the algorithm gets its head around it again.

As to the TOS violation, if you honestly did send the delivery properly, contact CS, explain the situation and ask them to fix it. The delivery bug is a thing that appears every now and again …


Yes, I am not going to update it regularly. I explained CS but they are asking proof that i delivered. They are asking for proof of delivery. Now i am not sure CS will help me. I have to find solution myself.

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@nareshps - yes, I hardly ever take a screenshot of delivery … but that’s what it takes, unfortunately. Is your delivery showing on the order page?

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It’s not showing on first delivery but I delivered it after clients revision. Also Client didn’t have any issue. He left Good Ratings too.

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Well, you can try taking screenshots of all of that and sending it to CS. If they still won’t withdraw the TOS violation, you’ll just have to sit it out for 60 days.

Unfortunately, we should all be taking screenshots of delivery, particularly if it’s a lot of files …


Writing Solution Myself :slight_smile: By mistake i send empty order and all my gig Went down from 1st place to last in search. It automatically come top after 15 Days of TOS violation warning. Yes, I changed few keyword and make some changes in tittle etc but it didn’t helps. It’s Kind of Punishment for me for violating TOS. So, if this happens with anyone just Relax and Learn something in that time. I hope this answer helps someone in future.

your gigs came back or not yet?

If your gigs comeback how long it took for you?
My warning removed but still gigs are not coming up

Yes, Gig come back in first place. I Changed some keywords, description andd waited for few days. It works for me.

Please delete your gig and create again.

Patient : I have fever
Doctor : Die and re-born

I have over 500 I can’t delete gig

Total how long it took?
I edit all gigs and 90 days passed still no improvement

My Gig come back after 15 days. You can try social media share for some quick impression boost.

I did I am also getting 500 plus views from my social media sharing still zero improvement all gigs on last page having 650 reviews