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All my Gigs are misbehaving or fiverr doesnt like me

it all started when i created my Fiverr gig so far I’ve created close to 10 Fiverr gig but I’ve deleted all of them and started afresh i created my 1st gig i got orders on it then it stopped immediately after 3 weeks i stopped getting messages from buyers i was confused i went back to edit i found out that my gig is not in the right category i corrected that too after then my gig started decreasing it decreased to the extent i got frustrated and deleted the gig it happened to all my gig i deleted all of them and started afresh with my resume writing gig it ranked well to the 1st page of the category it was stuck in the 1st page for 3 weeks staright no single order or message from buyer it was in the 4th week i got 2 orders i completed it and my gig was pulled from the 1st page to somewhere i dont know immediately the gig ranking started droopping up till this point its still dropping thru out this issue ive been contacting fiverr but theyve been giving me automated reply i need a real help non of gig lives to survive and get real orders in fiverr help needed pls