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All my gigs disppaear from Fiverr search

I am level 2 seller with high customer satisfaction. I am not sure what going on with Fiverr search results, it’s showing irrelevant result and all my high ratings gigs disappaer from search. I submitted ticket twice but no reply from support.

oh not again…

Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed steady traffic from the Fiverr search system, nor are you guaranteed a place at the top of your listings. If you truly want the best possible visibility out there… market and promote your own gigs online, where your target customers are located.

Never, ever put all of your eggs in one basket. In this case, it is wise not to rely on the Fiverr search system to be your only source of traffic. If you fall out of the top of those search listing – as you noted above – then you lose your only source of traffic, and you have nothing to fall back on.

I am not sure what they are trying to say , first they say “the services you have offered on Fiverr are not in our editorial focus and guidelines. Your account has accumulated too many denied services which were not in accordance with our editorial guidelines and terms of service and for the safety of the community, your account does not appear in our search results” and then they say you can continue to make new gigs.

My gigs are already active and in the end they say you can continue to promote your existing gigs on social media to get orders. I am not sure if my gigs are not according to the guidelines why why are they still active and why are they asking me to promote them on social media.

It sounds like Fiverr is penalizing you for multiple times that you have broken the rules of Fiverr. And that penalty is that all of your gigs are no longer appearing in the Fiverr search. Your gigs have not been deleted, though, you can still make sales, but you won’t be getting any traffic or sales from the search/marketplace.

It would appear that now, if you want to make sales on your gigs, you will have to promote your gigs elsewhere online, and rely upon sales from the traffic you bring you bring in on your own.

I am still wondering when did I broke their rule and why there were no warning. If I have something which broke their policies so why they want me to make sales by promoting on social media?

And I did not had any gig too many denied services. I am not sure what they are talking about, it’s truly misleading to say not meet or policy guidelines and on other hand saying promote gigs on social media etc.

Reply to @shadabdurrani:

I recommend that you contact Fiverr Customer Support and ask them directly. They didn’t say what those denied services were in the response you posted. Truthfully, only they would know.

As to the promoting on social media, that’s just good business. You should be doing that anyway, regardless of the status of your gigs in the search system. Always take every opportunity to promote your work – whatever that work may be. Never rely on just one source of traffic to bring in sales. Promote your gigs wherever your target customers might be located. :slight_smile:

It happens. All the time, to a lot of people. You, we’ll never actually know 100% how and why Fiverr does what it does.

But here’s some food for thought. Something that just popped into my head.

@jonbaas -

I understand the need to self promote. Of course you have to. In anything you do.

But let me ask this since I don’t think it’s been addressed.

If you are going to go all out, and promote your gigs… to everyone and anyone you can… Ask yourself this.

If you’re going to do all that why use Fiverr at all? Why not just promote your own services and skip the middle man altogether?

What’s the point of using Fiverr as a middle man if they’ve pretty much removed you? Spend the time promoting your own services to your own site or E-Mail.

Makes sense right?

Reply to @bigbadbilly:

Perhaps the question that needs to be asked of YOU is this: Why are your gigs being removed? Perhaps you are selling services that are against Fiverr’s rules. Fiverr does not just delete random gigs merely because they can. They delete them because they have a valid reason to do so. If you sell services that don’t break the rules of Fiverr, your gigs aren’t likely to be deleted.

If you have specific questions, contact Customer Support. I’m sure they would be happy to clarify the rules of their site for you. :slight_smile:

The way i see it is as long as i’m tapped in to fiverr client base it only makes sense to work here and take advantage of the additional clients i get and drive some more traffic to my gigs. For this i gladly pay 20% as its still much less than i have to spend when working independently.

Should fiverr remove me from the search it would only make sense to direct the traffic to my own sites and and do more work on my own. Or just focus on one of the other online platforms i work on!

Reply to @jonbaas:

How ridiculous, so basically… this person won’t be getting any sales through the fiverr search engine cause they so called “Broke the terms of service”, but they will continue to promote Fiverr in hopes of getting sales on their gigs???

That’s the type of fxckery that made me leave this place, same thing happened to me and I refuse to promote a platform that treats me like garbage.

in other words: I won’t help them, if they won’t help me!